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Caring for Your Dental Implants

Getting dental implants in Houston could be your best decision towards preserving your oral function, and if you have them now then, congratulations! Your smile should be in for the long haul. And for it to stay that way, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to care for your dental implants to keep them in great condition as long as possible.

If you smoke, then we highly recommend that you consider quitting. This is one habit that could be greatly detrimental to your dental implants because smoking can ultimately affect bone loss and cause a number of complications for the implant.

Keeping your regular dental appointments are important, too. Regular visits to the dentist ensure that the health of the implant and the tissues surrounding it are checked. Getting professional cleaning to reach all the areas you may have missed is not that bad, neither. Regular visits allow us to monitor the development of any disease or infection that could potentially harm the implant and your overall oral condition.

Brush up on your oral hygiene. We have taken all the necessary steps to make sure that your implants were cleaned and handled carefully during the entire installation process, and now it’s time to do your share. Proper dental care like brushing and flossing properly will ensure the longevity of your dental implant. Studies have also shown that using antibacterial toothpaste has a positive effect on implant care, making sure that infections are prevented and bacterial buildup is kept at bay.

For more information about dental implants, how to care for them, or for your other dental concerns, please call Royal Dental USA at 713-330-7700 and schedule your personal appointment with one of our dental experts today.


Tooth Care After Tooth Scaling

Tooth scaling in Houston can remove tartar and plaque that has plagued your teeth, specifically located below the gum line, for so long. However, these pesky deposits can still accumulate to your teeth gradually if proper dental care is not maintained. One does not have to seek professional care in taking care of his or her teeth as it can also be done well at home.

Alleviate pain

Discomfort and pain caused by the treatment should slowly diminish in a couple of days. The pain experience immediately after treatment could be described as throbbing or aching, but this will subside after four hours or so. Medications could be taken to alleviate this pain.

Soft diet

During the first few days, the teeth and gums should still be sensitive and prone to bleeding. Because of this, the patient is advised not to chew hard foods and to eat only foods with soft consistency during this time. A normal diet could be resumed if chewing becomes more bearable to the patient.

Oral hygiene

Since the gum tissues during this time are still tender, the patient is advised to be gentle but still thorough when brushing the teeth. After three to four days, normal techniques for oral hygiene can be resumed. Furthermore, rinsing the mouth is recommended to ensure proper hygiene. When doing so, it is advisable to use either an antimicrobial or a warm saline rinse. These substances can only be used for duration of one to two weeks.

Teeth sensitivity

As the teeth may be more sensitive to the changes in temperature, the patient is advised to apply a desensitizing fluoride to the teeth to aid the problem. However, these symptoms will quickly diminish after several days.

If you are interested in getting a tooth scaling, consult Royal Dental and contact us at (713) 330-7700. Our team of experts will gladly answer your queries regarding this procedure and our other dental services.



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