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What Should You Do If Your Crown Falls Out?

dental crownEven though they are supposedly permanent, even the best crowns can be damaged and fall out, especially thanks to trauma, tooth grinding (or bruxism), or even decay. If you’ve had it for a while, perhaps the cement holding the crown in place merely wore out. Hopefully there isn’t any damage to the crown, and your dentist will be able to rebond it into place with no problems. However, there could be more serious complications.

No matter your situation, a loose crown needs to be acted on quickly. Here’s what you should do.

Don’t Swallow!

Make sure that you’ve got the crown out of your mouth and in your hand. While many caps can be swallowed without fear of choking or suffocation, there is always that risk. At the very least, you will need to pay for a new crown instead of just the reattachment.

Call Your Dentist Immediately

Contact your dentist as soon as you can. Hopefully he or she will be able to see and treat you that day or the day after. Even if there are no available appointments for a few days, your dentist will be able to recommend a course of action for you to take while you are waiting for your appointment.

Keep Everything Clean As Can Be

This is the hardest part. While waiting for your appointment, you will need to keep both your crown and your damaged tooth clean. Sterilize the cap and then keep it in a tight and dry container. As for your tooth, brush it gently with a very soft tooth brush. If the nerve is still active and you feel pain, avoid extreme temperatures and eat only soft foods using other parts of your mouth. Be very gentle and keep food from falling into the gap in your tooth.

If you need extra help, you can buy some temporary dental cement from a drug store, or even cover the area with some sugarless gum. However, under no circumstances should you try to fix your crown on your own. This will only cause more pain and damage.

If your crown falls out, call Royal Dental right away. We can help you get back on the road to a healthy mouth.

The Royal Dental team is proudly participating in the much-anticipated Baytown Family Expo on March 7, 2015 at Sterling High School Commons! The community event whose proceeds will benefit the Pregnancy Resource Center East is perfect for parents who are in the lookout for what’s new in meeting the needs of their growing family — from expectant moms to stay-at-home-dads to grandparents. Youngsters can also look forward to a wide variety of fun-filled activities during the expo. Babies can even participate in the exciting diaper derby!


The Royal Dental team will be participating as an exhibitor and will be available for all manner of family dental concerns — may it be TMJ treatment for dad, oral cancer screening for the grannies, or teaching new parents how to prevent baby bottle decay.


Expo participants can also expect demos, highly  informative workshops, and awesome giveaways from exhibitors specializing in Pregnancy & Infancy,  Green Living, Parties & Entertainment, Camps & Schools, and Home & Family Resources. Plus, every parent attending the expo will be receiving a goody bag chock-full of freebies and special offers exclusive for expo participants only.


Tickets can be bought cash-only on site or may be purchased ahead of time online until March 6. Ticket price is at $5 per person and $10 per family ( 3 or more). Children under 12, seniors, and military members can get in for free. All proceeds of the event will be passed on to Pregnancy Resource Center East.


With exhibitors from a wide gamut of business niches and backgrounds in Baytown and neighboring areas, the Baytown Family Expo aims to provide a venue for families to meet, learn, make informed buying decisions, and have fun at the same time.

The Royal Dental Group can’t wait to meet you all at the Baytown Family Expo. See you there!

You Broke Your Tooth: Now What?

beautiful smileHere you are, sitting with a large chip out of your tooth. Maybe you knocked it during a fall, or got hit in the face while playing a sport. It doesn’t matter now. All you’re worried about is how you look, how you’re going to eat, and how in the world you’re going to fix this mess. Here at Royal Dental, we can help you.

Where is the Crack?

Perhaps the most important factor in your repair process is where the crack or break is. Is it a small chip? Or is half your tooth missing? There are three types of break:

  1. Enamel—where the break is a simple crack or chip in the outside layer of the tooth. These are often minor and don’t necessarily affect the tooth’s structure. However, sometimes these breaks can affect the tooth as a whole and expose the middle and inside layers of the tooth.
  2. Root—where the tooth is either cracked vertically down to the root or the root itself is cracked horizontally.
  3. Displacement—where the tooth is internally damaged or knocked loose.

Get It Fixed Quick

How the tooth is treated will depend on the category and severity of the break. Anything besides simple and light enamel fractures is considered a dental emergency. Acting quickly and seeing a dentist as soon as possible (hopefully within 24 hours, sooner if it is a very serious problem) can help save teeth and prevent further problems.

Pre-Dentist Treatment

The chances are unfortunately good that you might injure your mouth at a time when your dentist’s office is closed. Here are some tips on how to deal with a cracked or broken tooth before you can get to the dentist.

Take Over-the-Counter Drugs

Pain killers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help dull the pain. You can also try numbing the area with ice. Although it might cause more pain in the short term, rinsing your mouth with salt water will help clean the area and therefore help with pain in the long run.

Eat Only Soft Foods

In no case should you be eating anything hard or chewy with a broken tooth. This will only cause pain and further damage. If you must eat, eat and drink only very soft foods and avoid the broken tooth as much as possible.

Cover It Up

If there is any bleeding, put pressure on it until the bleeding stops. If your tooth is sharp, place wax or sugar-free gum over it to keep it from cutting your mouth. You can even buy temporary dental cement at a drugstore.


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