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pediatric dentistry houston tx |children's dentistry royal dental usaYoung children and doctors and dentists aren’t necessarily matches made in heaven. Children often have an innate fear of people in those clinical situations. But you can do certain things to make your child’s first dental visit not a thing of trauma. And it’s important that you do because sometimes a lifelong fear of the dentist could have been headed off with just a little preparation before those very first few trips.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Talk to your child before going to the dentist.

It’s important that your child knows that he/she is going to the dentist. Tell them why they’re going, what’s going to happen when they’re there, and ensure them that you won’t leave them. If possible, try to have a talk with your child and the dentist together – preferably before the appointment. That way, your child can see the dentist more as a friend than an enemy, and be more amicable to dental visits. Avoid phrases such as “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt,” before the appointment, and “That wasn’t so bad, was it,” afterwards.

Make the appointment comfortable.

At Royal Dental, we’re all about making your kids comfortable coming to our offices. If your child wants to bring a security item with them, that’s fine. Maybe it’s a stuffed toy or a favorite blanket. The gesture might seem simple to some, but can be relieving for a child in an unfamiliar environment. You can also stay with your child during the appointment, if they want you to. Seeing you there can ease a child’s fears.

Books, toys, and other educational guides can help, too.

There are plenty of educational books that cater to a child’s fears of going to the dentist. Reading these books with your child the night before can help prepare the child for the journey ahead of him/her. As for toys, you can find a lot of dentist-themed toys on the market, such as dolls. And finally, some children’s cartoons have special episodes that illustrate the dentist experience. A quick search on Google or YouTube should do the trick.

At Royal Dental, we look forward to having our new smallest patients! And we strive to make it a great experience all around, leading to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Call us at 713-330-7700 if you have any other questions about your child’s first dentist visit.


Everyone has an excuse for not taking great care of their teeth at home. They’re busy. They’re tired. Someone’s in the bathroom and I’m already in bed. Reality is that in just a couple of minutes, your teeth can get all the love they need, but some people only give them cursory attention.

So, what happens when you don’t take good care of your teeth?

dental flossing in houston texas at royal dentistry usaYou can have bad breath. Many people have bad breath, clinically called halitosis. Although it can be a symptom of another condition, it is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. Food debris that stay in between your teeth break down and bacteria in your mouth are attracted to it and multiply. This buildup, along with the breakdown of the food and the growing plaque on your teeth cause you to have dog breath. Your tongue, if it doesn’t get brushed, also can join the halitosis party.

You can develop gum disease. Do your gums bleed when you brush and floss? If they do, there is a possibility that you already have gum disease or it is well on its way. It starts with gingivitis, where your gums become swollen and bleed easily. The condition when left untreated turns into periodontitis (gum disease), and this can turn into a chronic problem. Once you develop gum disease, you’re headed down a path you don’t want to be on.

You can lose a tooth or several teeth. Gum disease will lead to decaying teeth. That decay will turn into an infection inside the tooth, eventually causing the tooth to fall out. Beneath this tooth or teeth that have fallen out, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate because it no longer receives any energy from the teeth above. This will eventually cause your lower face to collapse inward.

You can have all sorts of diseases. The bacteria that is multiplying in your mouth doesn’t necessarily stay there, either. It can spread anywhere in your body, leading to pneumonia and other respiratory problems. It can also dramatically increase your risk of developing dementia, diabetes, kidney diseases, and heart diseases.

Now do you believe that two to three minutes brushing and flossing are worth your full attention? They are. Equally important are your twice-yearly professional cleanings and exams with the Royal Dental team. Call us at 713-330-7700 to schedule your appointment.




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