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dental exam houston tx | dentist Royal Dental USAMany people are mindful about seeing the dentist every six months, but evidence suggests that when life gets busy or budgets stretched, dental care may be the first thing to go. This reflects an idea that routine dental check-ups are not as valuable as they really are. To see why you really need to maintain these visits, look at the underlying aspects that they involve.

Oral Cancer

Of the various types of cancer that exist, oral cancer is not one that is often discussed, especially not in mainstream media where you would gain an understanding of its dangers. The good news about oral cancer is that it is not pandemic. The bad news is that it is estimated that just under 10,000 deaths will occur from this condition this year alone. This is reason enough for the American Dental Association to recommend yearly screenings for all adults. Patients who have known risk factors for oral cancer are encouraged to be screened with our ViziLite Plus system. The exam is painless, fast, and capable of catching oral cancer when it can be most easily treated.

Dental Care and your Health

Your view of dentistry may be that it is valuable to the appearance of your smile, or to your sense of comfort and confidence. What most people are surprised to learn is that oral health is a direct link to systemic wellness. Patients with existing health conditions like diabetes are in even greater need for frequent, preventive dental care. Additionally, routine care to prevent, detect, and treat common conditions plays an integral role in maintaining a healthy body.

The link between oral health and general health may not be immediately clear. Conditions that occur in the mouth are most often associated with bacteria, which are living, breathing organisms. These microbes not only cause cavities and inflammation in the gums, but they have also been found in other areas of the body, including the heart. Gum disease, in particular, has been identified as a risk factor in numerous health concerns. So the more we can do to help you avoid it, the better for your body as a whole.

It can be easy to put off a dental appointment, especially when it seems so “basic;” but don’t! Schedule your visit with our friendly team to keep your mouth and body healthy.

cosmetic dentistry houston tx | Royal Dental USAAs a central feature on the face, the smile is a significant representation of our personality. Research has demonstrated the immense value of attractive teeth. More than affecting biting and chewing abilities, teeth are also now regarded as an important asset to professional and personal success. This is because people judge character traits, in part, solely on appearance. Studies also suggest that consumers realize this value, and that they want to maximize it at every age.

Adults are living longer today, and they are seeking ways to make the most of their extended years. Well past the time when our ancestors were considered elderly, today’s adult is maintaining an active lifestyle, and an active interest in looking and feeling young. This is demonstrated by the number of adults treated with one or more cosmetic dental procedures.

Teeth whitening

Stained enamel is a surefire way to look older. For ages, the color of a person’s teeth was one of the primary ways to assess not only age, but also character. Teeth whitening provides a way to renew a youthful appearance. It can also enhance confidence and affect the perception that others have of you. For instance, studies show that a person with beautifully white teeth is considered more friendly and sincere. Discolored teeth, on the other hand, lend to the appearance of age, as well as poor character traits such as laziness (gasp!). Professional teeth whitening can dramatically boost the brilliancy of enamel in a short period of time and in a cost-effective manner. To learn more about this treatment schedule your visit at a Royal Dental office near you.

Dental veneers

Next to tooth whitening, it is the dental veneer process that is most sought by today’s dental patient. This 2- to 3-visit process can change a minor aspect of the smile, or it can change just about every aspect of the smile. The value of porcelain veneers is demonstrated in way that they mimic natural tooth characteristics. These cosmetic restorations, with proper care, can last for two decades or more.

Your smile is one of your most important assets. We can help you bring out its finest points. Contact us to schedule your consultation for cosmetic dentistry.


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