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For a Great Smile, Curb your Fears

sedation dentistry houston | dental anxiety houston txDental anxiety is a term we hear more and more these days. It isn’t that more people have it, but that more of us are talking about it. At Royal Dental, we perform care in a manner that creates trusting relationships between our team and our patients. We listen, because we care. When a patient has historically found it difficult to see the dentist, we want to know. This enables us to get to the bottom of dental anxiety and resolve the issue one visit at a time.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what to expect when you see the dentist? Together, we can make this happen more often than not. The way to avoid hearing something off the wall, like you need a root canal, what you need to do is maintain a routine schedule. When you see the dentist twice a year, and you brush and floss daily in between those times, there is little chance that bacteria can do much harm to your teeth. If you tend to be a worrier, know that we will provide you with full details of any recommended treatment so you know what to expect. And, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! We want you to feel confident in your dental care.


As much as possible, most people would like to avoid needing to have dental work done that requires injections of local anesthetic. We would love nothing more than to oblige, and we usually can when dental care is performed on a routine basis. This goes back to the previous concern of not knowing what to expect. If you take good care of your oral health, and you see us regularly, chances are you can forego the whole round of injections and get away with an exam and cleaning only.

The Dental Environment

For many people, just hearing the sounds of the dental office, and seeing the instruments we use, sends them into a state of anxiety. If this is your source of stress, bring along your favorite music and your headphones to your next visit. You may be surprised at how quickly you can be swept away into your own little world! Alternatively, we also have sedation dentistry options. And as far as dental instruments go, we are happy to show you what they are and what we do with them. The more you know, the less there is to fear.

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Bad Breath? Here’s How you Can Banish it!

bad breath houston | beautiful smile houston txMorning breath is something we all experience. It’s a side effect of low saliva flow during our sleeping hours. Without saliva in the mouth, tiny microorganisms linger for hours on end, creating high sulfur content which causes an unpleasant odor. The good news is that we can do away with morning breath by brushing our teeth. Likewise, brushing or rinsing the mouth can also help to restore freshness after a garlic-laden meal. What happens, though, when you notice bad breath at inopportune times? Worse yet, what if your breath is unpleasant and you don’t even notice it, but others do?

Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem to endure, but you don’t have to. Here are some ways that Royal Dental recommends to avoid this concerning condition:

Take care of your mouth!

Yes, you are being told yet again that you should brush and floss your teeth. Here’s the thing. Every time you brush, you need to keep at it for two full minutes. When you are done, you need to floss. It’s simple, and it’s powerful. These two habits alone go a long way in preventing the accumulation of bacteria on teeth and gums, where they raise the number of sulfides in the mouth.

Tackle your tongue, too.

As a part of your hygiene routine, you want to address the issue of bacteria and residue that may accumulate on the back of your tongue. This can be done gently with a tongue scraper, a small instrument that fits easily in the mouth.

Stay hydrated.

Water, like saliva, is vital to the dilution of oral bacteria and acid and sugar residue in the mouth. Also, getting dehydrated can actually in itself be a cause for a foul odor on your breath.

Snack on crunchy fruits and vegetables.

Crunchy, fresh foods are natural cleansers that are also high in water content. Eating an apple, some carrots, or celery as a mid-day snack is a great way to supply the body with nourishment while freshening your breath.

See your dentist.

There are a number of reasons why bad breath may develop. If your hygiene is good and you drink plenty of water, talk with your dentist about other potential factors, such as gum disease or certain medications you may be taking.

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Royal Dental offers friendly care to patients of all ages. Bad breath is a problem that can affect children, teens, and adults, causing them to feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Get help for bad breath! Call (713) 330-7700 today! Royal Dental serves Pearland, Sugar Land, Houston, and the surrounding areas.


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