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dental care houston tx | Royal DentalWith all of the responsibilities you must meet on a daily basis, remembering to see the dentist can be a challenge. Life is busy. We get it! And we also know that, if you don’t particularly like seeing the dentist, your six-month checkup could be one of the first things to postpone in the face of a busy schedule. It may even seem as though the whole idea of having to see the dentist twice a year is a big, fat trick to get consumers to spend more money.

Here’s the Truth
The truth is, there is a lot of value in seeing your dentist regularly. Here’s what you may not realize:

  • Dental exams can reveal things you don’t see. When you brush and floss your teeth, you may do a great job. You may even observe your smile after you have completed your daily and nightly oral care ritual. The difference between what you do and what we do comes down to magnification. In addition to taking x-rays to see areas beneath the gums, we observe the various areas of your mouth with magnification. This means we can see tiny details like plaque sticking to your teeth, or tartar forming at the gum line. The extra, highly-trained set of eyes on your teeth and gums can make a big difference on your oral health.
  • Seeing means treating. When you see the dentist routinely, you set yourself up to receive more conservative care. Let’s take the plaque as an example. When we see plaque, we can gently remove it during your cleaning. Simple, right? But if you wait to see the dentist, plaque hardens to tartar, and both of these substances harbor bacteria. Then, you may find yourself needing treatment like scaling and root planing to manage the damage done by gingivitis.
  • Conservative care is kinder to your nerves. We would not expect any of our patients to actually enjoy hearing that they need restorative treatment. We’ve heard the jokes (and horror stories) about root canals! This is just one more reason to maintain your six-month checkups; it lessens the stress related to dentistry because there is a much lower chance that you will need to have your teeth drilled, or your gums injected with anesthetic.

Royal Dental provides friendly care to patients of all ages! Schedule your visit with us by calling (713) 330-7700.

Why your Teeth Deserve the Royal Treatment

dental care houston tx | Royal DentalDoes the idea of getting royal treatment sound appealing to you? We imagine getting royal treatment as something like pampering we wouldn’t normally expect, like a nice foot rub, or maybe a special dinner. At Royal Dental, we also believe that our patients deserve this level of attention, because what better part of the body to get a little TLC than the teeth?

A Dose of Gratitude
It is our view that teeth deserve royal treatment because these little fixtures do a lot for us. It may not seem like your teeth do much, they give you a nice smile and they let you chew; but there’s more.

  • Your teeth serve your whole face. What your teeth do for your face is pretty important, and easily overlooked. Of course, you know that your smile would look far different if there were no teeth behind your lips. The truth is, your whole lower face would look far different. Lips and cheeks look the way they do because they have the backup of your teeth and jawbone. Without healthy structure, sinking starts to happen, and that ages the face.
  • Your teeth serve your stomach, too. Let’s talk about chewing for a moment. It’s something we do so frequently, and for so much of our lives, that we forget the whole point. If chewing becomes unpleasant due to dental pain, you might find that you alter your eating habits. Whether this looks like eating a limited variety of foods or it involves chewing on one side of the mouth or chewing a little as possible, the digestive process suffers.
  • Your teeth can give you a competitive edge. You may not think that you are a person who wants or needs a competitive edge, but we all do, to some extent. Let’s say you are interviewing for a new job, or for a promotion. Did you know that research indicates you stand a better chance if the person interviewing you likes your smile? Multiple studies suggest that the appearance of our smile affects everything from getting that job to getting a second date.

Your teeth do a lot for you. Let us do a lot for your teeth. Schedule your visit to Royal Dental at (713) 330-7700.


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