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Is it Time to Refresh?

cosmetic dentistry houston tx | Royal DentalWith a new year, we often give in to the urge to refresh some things about our life. Maybe you want to eat better or sleep more; take better care of yourself in general. The team at Royal Dental knows how important dental care is to a healthy body and also to optimal confidence in oneself. We suggest that, as you look at the year ahead, you consider whether or not you may need to refresh your attitude toward dentistry.

There are a lot of folks out there, from children to older adults, who are vocal about the fact that they pretty much despise seeing the dentist. We understand that this perspective may stem from a place of fear, rather than a true place of dislike for the person who would care for their oral health. In our offices, we strive to make each visit something to look forward to! With that, we offer a few truths about dentistry that may help you refresh your perception of this aspect of your health care.

Your dentist cares. Really!

It is not uncommon to hear a person who does not like the dentist describe this health care professional as some type of caricature monster; a science-fiction “bad guy” who looks only for the problems inside the mouth. The truth is, there aren’t many dentists out there who aren’t aware of the distaste many of their patients have for checkups, cleanings, and restorative treatments. When you realize this, you can better understand that your dentist wants the best for your smile, your comfort level, and your health.

One bad experience is just that.

If you have ever had an unpleasant dental visit or painful dental problem that required lengthy treatment, you may have developed an overall view that “all dentists are bad.” Often, such an idea originated from a frightening childhood dental experience (one reason why we take our time with all of our patients!). The truth is, you have unique needs and preferences. It’s ok to “shop around” for a dentist that suits you perfectly. When you visit Royal Dental, we encourage you to discuss how we can help you enjoy your time with us.

Royal Dental has offices throughout Houston, Humble, Sugar Land, Pearland, and Baytown. Schedule your visit at (713) 330-7700.

Let’s Look to the New

Dental Implants houston tx | Royal DentalIf you look back through history, you will see clear indications of change. Innovation drives us to improve the ways that we accomplish various tasks. For instance, it is rare to hear of any person getting around via horse and buggy these days. Cassette players and tapes are archaic, and most of the youth of today don’t even know what an 8-track is! Even dentistry has changed over time. Dentists have new and improved ways to help patients regain their confidence after tooth loss, and that is a wonderful thing.

Historically, full arch tooth replacement has involved dentures. When we say historically, we mean way back; back to the BC era. For several hundred years, the standard denture model was as good as it would get. Wearing dentures, even if the fixtures rubbed against the gums, was a far better alternative than having no teeth at all. Plus, with the evolution of technique and the use of materials, dentures did improve a great deal. However, traditional design left something to be desired. That something was stability.

The old way of doing any one thing usually gets replaced by a new way. Fortunately, this natural process now extends into the dental field. Instead of relying on a conventional denture, many of the patient needing tooth replacement now have the option of fully stabilizing an arch of teeth with dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are not replacement teeth. They are not an alternative to dentures. What they are is a supportive technique that alleviates many of the concerns related to tooth loss in general, and to dentures in particular. A dental implant is similar in structure to a small screw. These individual fixtures are placed into the jawbone, where they gradually become encased. When implants are fully stabilized, they are capable of supporting a full arch of teeth in the form of a denture.

Why would one choose both dentures and dental implants? The primary reason is confidence. Who doesn’t want to know that their teeth, even artificial teeth, will stay in place during a meal or a conversation! A secondary, but very important, reason for choosing to secure dentures to implants is that these small posts stimulate bone regeneration in the jaw, which keeps the lips from collapsing over time.

Is it time to give your denture the support it needs? Call Royal Dental to learn more about implant dentistry.


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