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When Whitening goes too Far

teeth whitening houston tx  | Royal DentalPeople have been whitening their teeth for far longer than you might imagine. This process of restoring radiance to the smile started hundreds of years ago. The methods used, though, led to widespread tooth damage and erosion. It took quite a bit of time to perfect the teeth whitening technique, and now men and women of all ages are finding their way back to their most brilliant smile in a safe, effective manner. In most cases, teeth whitening resolves the problem of discoloration without consequence. However, there is such a thing as taking whitening too far.

Having a beautiful, bright smile is one thing. Having a paper-white smile at all times is going a little too far. This is not something that can be done without sustaining damage, and that is what we have gotten away from through all these years of development. Don’t take steps backward by making these mistakes.

  • Whitening too frequently
  • Wearing whitening trays too long
  • Whitening far beyond your natural shade

What Happens with Too much Whitening

When whitening trays are worn longer than the recommended time, what patients tend to experience is sensitivity. This is a normal side-effect of whitening, stemming from the penetration of the outer film that protects enamel. When we say sensitivity, we don’t mean a minor ache when you eat or drink something hot or cold. We mean zingers, shooting pain that could make your knees go soft. Avoid this. Wear your whitening trays as directed.

Whitening too frequently leads to another problem: erosion. This has been noted in clinical cases of patients who touch-up their teeth several times a year. Most whitening products, even commercial strips, are intended for about once-a-year use. More is not better. In fact, it could lead to more discoloration as enamel is thinned and underlying dentin shows through.

Going too white is another temptation we often see. The consequence of trying to replicate your favorite celebrity’s smile is that your complexion is best complemented by a particular range of brightness. When you extent far beyond your natural shade, you lose your natural beauty.

It is possible to get the perfectly bright smile you desire. We can help you. Call Royal Dental in a city near you.

And the Answer is . . .

orthodontics houston tx | Royal DentalWe can already hear the tinkling of the Jeopardy music as we test your dental IQ!

Is it True?

  1. Braces are better than Invisalign.

False. And True. The thing is, you don’t know until you consult with your experienced dentist. At Royal Dental, we offer both options. Sometimes, when misalignment is severe, and the bite is also involved in the problem, conventional braces are, in fact, the best option. However, Invisalign has come a long way and is often used to correct bite issues, too. When Invisalign can be used, it might just be better because oral hygiene is not disrupted during treatment.

  1. Tooth-colored fillings are a type of cosmetic treatment.

False. Fillings are intended for tooth-restoration, even when we are using tooth-colored material like composite resin. This method of care is superb, mitigating the damage of a cavity while hiding all evidence that any damage ever existed. Not only are tooth-colored fillings completely discreet, but they are also strong and durable for many years.

  1. Sedation means you can sleep through your dental treatment.

False. Several years ago, it was common to refer to sedation dentistry as sleep dentistry. To be honest, the very idea of this made some patients uncomfortable! Sedation dentistry does not put you to sleep. You can breathe on your own, and swallow on your own. You can even speak with our staff as needed during treatment. What sedation does is ease the central nervous system, so anxiety does not develop. So, sit back and relax! You’re in good hands!

  1. Consumption of sports drinks should be limited.

True. This is particularly the case for children whose permanent teeth are still developing. Sports drinks are commonly offered to children as an alternative to sugary soda and juice. What can happen, though, is that, instead of cavities (or as a precursor), children experience widespread erosion. Erosion is the general wearing-away of enamel, just like the ocean wears away the coastal rocks. When this occurs, teeth are more vulnerable not only to decay but to general sensitivity and also to discoloration as dentin shows through the top layer of enamel.

Royal Dental has several offices to serve patients from Houston, Humble, Sugar Land, and other areas. Contact an office near you for friendly family dental care.


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