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Invisalign: Keeping it Real

Invisalign Houston TXInvisalign treatment continues to help teens and adults correct the alignment issues that keep them from fully loving their smile. The team at Royal Dental conducts traditional orthodontic treatment as well as Invisalign, and we can understand the strong desire that many patients have to avoid the common effects that go hand in hand with braces. We know them, and you do, too: scrapes or cuts on the cheek or lips, deprivation of some of your favorite foods.

Without a doubt, Invisalign has made it more convenient and comfortable than ever to straighten the smile. At the same time, patients must remember that there are aspects of Invisalign treatment that do put them at risk for dental problems. We want to keep it real so you can avoid the potential pitfalls of wearing straightening aligners.

The Plaque Problem

Plaque is a biofilm that sticks to your teeth. It is made up of saliva, food debris, and bacteria. Yuck. You don’t see it, and it has no odor, so you may not even realize when plaque starts to build up, but your teeth and gums will. Plaque isn’t something that accumulates from one dental visit to the next; it is a substance that builds up very quickly over the course of a day. The more plaque that sits on teeth, the greater the risk for dental problems. It’s pretty simple.

But That’s Not All . . .

Plaque isn’t the only substance that sits on teeth. According to new research, the ingredients from commonly consumed beverages also linger. Most of these ingredients are either acidic or sugary. Both are bad. Really bad. Acidic ingredients in sports drinks, for instance, can lead to erosion that progressively worsens over just one week’s time.

Protecting your Pearly Whites

The whole point of Invisalign is to help you love your smile. The last thing we want is for you to need fillings or other restorative treatment to counteract the effects of your initial treatment. The good news is it’s easy to combat plaque and deteriorating acids.

  • Brush morning and night, including your aligners.
  • Floss every day.
  • RINSE after meals and beverages, including your aligners. Acidic ingredients soften enamel, which can then be easily abraded by brushing.
  • Drink water throughout the day to maintain saliva flow.

We make smiles our business. Schedule a visit to Royal Dental near you to discuss Invisalign.

Hit the Road, but Remember your Smile!

checkup and cleaning houston tx Summertime just so happens to be one of the best times of a year. Soaring temperatures aside, the months of summer tend to naturally incite this desire to unwind, to get away from it all, to reconnect with our family and friends, and with nature. Doing so often means that we travel, sometimes far away from home. The whole point of summer road trips and flights and campfires and the like is to depart from the norm. At the same time, this disruption to the schedule we are so accustomed to can do some damage to the smile.

Travel-planning Done Right

It’s possible to be mindful of oral care regardless of where the road takes you. Here are a few tips to keep you smiling on a day away, or on that thousand-mile trek from home.

  1. Eat right. It’s interesting how our penchant for potato chips seems to take root on the road. The fact is, it’s easy to pick up fast food or snacks from the market at the gas station when fueling up for the next 300 miles. In the end, bad snacking can lead to plaque buildup and even to erosion. Packing your snack basket of celery, carrots, apples, and other crunchy foods can go a long way at gently cleaning teeth, while also feeding you treats that are truly tasty.
  2. Drink right. Sugary and acidic beverages set the tone for erosion very quickly, and yet these are common summertime drinks. Remember the value of water. Keep a bottle of fresh, non-flavored, non-carbonated water nearby, and sip often. Doing so dilutes residue that could damage teeth and cause inflammation along the gum line. It also supports saliva production, which is necessary for mineralization.
  3. Freshen up. You know that feeling you get about halfway through an hours-long trip, the feeling of wanting to chew the whole pack of gum just to freshen up your breath. That feeling. The dirty mouth feeling. Yuck, right? This is an easy fix. Before your journey, put a kit together with a small toothbrush, a roll of floss, and a travel bottle of mouthwash. This kit may save you on more than one occasion.

The easy breezy schedule of summer is a great time to check in with your dentist. Contact Royal Dental to schedule your checkup and cleaning.


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