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Is That Toothache for Real?

preventive dental care Houston, TXBeing in the midst of cold and flu season means that we need to take extra precautions with our health. It is also a good time to talk about how a cold or flu may affect your mouth. The connection between that coughing and sneezing and congestion and the mouth isn’t so much related to oral health as it is to overall comfort. Believe it or not, a certain type of cold can cause tooth pain. Knowing this, you can better face this problem should it occur.

Pain from the Unexpected Cavity

Usually, when tooth pain occurs, we worry that a cavity has developed. However, there is another cavity in which pain may originate, the sinus cavity. The maxillary sinus sits in proximity to the roots that branch off the upper, back molars. Roots are highly sensitive because they have nerves and blood vessels coursing through them. These particular roots are only a paper-thickness away from the sinus cavity. Therefore, they may be affected if inflammation occurs in the sinuses.

Where is Pain Coming From?

It may be possible to tell the difference between what we call a sinus toothache and an authentic “oops; there’s a cavity” a toothache. Keep in mind, though, that any question about where tooth pain is coming from should be taken to your dentist. If you are unsure about the origin of pain, contact a Royal Dental office near you.

One way that a sinus toothache may present differently than a cavity is in extensiveness. Often, a cavity will cause localized sensitivity and then pain. A sinus toothache is more likely to affect all teeth on an arch with sensitivity and pain. Also, the pain of a sinus toothache is rather inconsistent. It may feel better if you take medication for congestion, and it may seem worse when you bend over or move your head.

If you experience what you think may be a sinus toothache, pay attention to see if symptoms improve with decongestant medication or with a warm compress. If a toothache does not resolve along with your cold, schedule an office visit for a full exam.

Dental Implants Houston TX | Humble | Sugar Land One of the aspects that we love about dentistry is that the services we provide can add value to a person’s smile. There are two ways that we do our best to achieve this. One is by approaching dentistry with a passion for friendly service. Patient comfort is important because, without that, there is a higher likelihood of inconsistency when it comes to making routine appointments. An additional way that we provide value is by supporting long-term oral health with the best possible treatment options. Dental implants are a prime example.

Why You Should Choose Dental Implants

For many years, men and women who experienced tooth failure or complete tooth loss had little more to do than trading their natural smile for one created with dentures. The denture fixture met a need for a long time but had its drawbacks. These drawbacks have been resolved thanks to dental implant benefits such as:

  • Ability to perform. What good is a full set of teeth if they can’t perform? Sure, even an ill-fitting set of dentures can make your smile look whole. Beyond a nice appearance, many dentures simply don’t meet the full extent of functional performance that is needed. When you bite and chew, when you smile and laugh, and when you speak, your teeth should stay put. Anchoring replacement teeth to dental implants ensure that they do.
  • Ability to last. Longevity is a key element to the value of a given product or service. Because replacement teeth are used daily, and for many years on end, they need to be able to withstand the oral environment. Dental implants can last forever when the mouth is taken care of. This is because the presence of tiny posts in the jawbone replicates natural structure, and this ultimately supports function as well as structural longevity.
  • Ease of care. Yes, it is important to restore the appearance of attractive teeth and gums. However, today’s patients also want to have products that don’t require a lot of care. Dentures may seem relatively easy to clean; just remove them and soak them overnight or for a few hours. It is interesting, then, to see how many people skip this routine or struggle to manage fresh breath. When teeth are replaced with dental implants and crowns or even a full denture, oral care involves brushing and flossing, just like natural teeth.

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