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Orthodontist Houston, TX | Braces HumbleAt Royal Dental, patients benefit from our extensive training in the area of orthodontics. Our offices in the Houston area provide personalized care that seeks to obtain the best possible result while also accommodating patients desires. This is why we offer Invisalign as well as conventional orthodontic treatment, followed by appropriate maintenance. Maintenance, as you may assume, means retainer.

Once you have the gorgeous smile you’ve been working so hard for, the last thing you might want is to have to wear a small metal wire across it. We can understand the aversion that many patients have to the idea of wearing a retainer. However, we also have to point out that this is the vital step in orthodontic treatment for lasting results.

Why You Need a Retainer

First, we want to say that a retainer isn’t that bad. In fact, most patients acclimate to their new appliance very quickly. Even if your teeth were straightened with Invisalign, your mouth would adjust to its retainer with relative ease. The question is, will you? We hope you will because a retainer is the only way to keep your teeth in their new, aligned position. When patients do not wear their retainer as directed, there is a very good chance that they will experience what we call orthodontic relapse.

Orthodontic relapse is a common first-year “complication” after orthodontic treatment. The reason why teeth can move back to their old position, even after 18 months or more in braces, is because the ligament that holds teeth in place has been slightly weakened. It’s not so much that orthodontic treatment weakens the ligament and muscle that hold teeth, but that the hold on teeth roots are loosened somewhat by the pressure of orthodontic fixtures. This is necessary to get teeth where we want them. However, the looseness that has occurred doesn’t bounce back overnight. This can take a few years. Therefore, during that time, dentists advise patients to wear a retainer. First, this fixture needs to be in place all the time. After several months, though, retainer wear downgrades to nighttime use only.

We want to help you get and keep the smile of your dreams. For personal dental care in the Houston area, call 713-330-7700.

Does it Get Any Better Than Invisalign?

Invisalign Houston TXMany people express a desire to have a straighter smile. This is nothing new.  Even before we had formal research to confirm that the smile is one of the first things that stands out about our appearance, evidence suggests that humans tried several techniques to enhance their teeth. Why we care so much about having a nice smile doesn’t matter, because there are several reasons we could give. What matters is that we have ways to achieve just about any intended goal. In the Royal Dental offices throughout the Houston area, one way we do this is with Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to metal braces that is appropriate for many patients. Teens and adults alike can benefit from this system and its ability to correct misalignment, overcrowding, gaps, and even bite issues. Invisalign isn’t just clear braces; it is an aligner method that straightens teeth using BPA-free plastic trays that can barely be seen in the mouth.

The fact that Invisalign is the most discreet method of straightening teeth available today is great, but that isn’t enough to make it also one of the best systems around. The reason why Invisalign is so successful is that a great deal of effort goes into the fabrication of every aligner. After the initial consultation, direct imaging of the mouth is used to create a 3-dimensional model of the teeth as they are at the onset of treatment. The Invisalign software processes original imaging to develop a sort of short-length film; one that digitally moves teeth from where they are to where they need to be. From this film, a series of aligners are made. It’s quite fascinating!

What You Get from Invisalign

Of course, you get a straighter smile after you complete Invisalign treatment. If you’ve researched this treatment method at all, you know that you also get to keep eating your favorite foods and you get to bypass the discomforts that go along with braces, like small nicks and cuts from metallic points. A few additional benefits that occur with Invisalign include:

  • More efficient oral hygiene. When your teeth are straight, your brushing and flossing practice will achieve better results in the long run.
  • Gum health. When teeth are aligned, the gum tissue around them can fit around each tooth more tightly and securely, which is good for preventing gum disease in the future. Just remember to keep flossing!
  • Jaw alignment. When opposing teeth fit properly, the jaw doesn’t have to sustain as much stress when biting and chewing.

We enjoy creating healthy smiles! Call 713-330-7700 to schedule a visit to an office near you.


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