3 Reasons Some People are More Prone to Tooth Decay


Has it ever seemed like you are more prone to getting cavities than others? Perhaps you know someone who took poor care of their teeth and yet you were the one who got the cavities. You may have wondered how it is possible that despite your attempts at good oral hygiene you just seem to be prone to tooth decay. Though dental hygiene is critical for healthy teeth, there are actually some reasons why someone people have a more difficult time preventing tooth decay than others.

Below are 3 of the main reasons why someone my be destined for a tough battle with tooth decay:

1. Composition of Oral Bacteria

Your mouth is home to many kinds of bacteria. Most of which are not harmful, however there are some that are associated with are associated with tooth decay called Streptococcus mutans. If this bacteria is present in higher amounts in a person, then they may be more prone to tooth decay.

Streptococcus mutans is actually infectious and communicable and is commonly passed on to children through family or care givers. In fact, the types of bacteria in your mouth is typically established by the time you are one, and when the mother’s Streptococcus mutans levels exceed 105 Colony Forming Units they are nine times more likely to pass bacteria on to their children.

2. Salivary Flow and pH Levels

Acid is very damaging to your the enamel of teeth. Acidity is measured my pH level. If the pH level of your mouth drops below 5.5, then the enamel of your teeth can begin to erode. The longer your teeth remain in an acidic environment, the greater your chances of tooth decay.

You saliva is your body’s way of helping to of washing away the acidity in the mouth as well as bringing calcium and minerals to the your teeth to help repair damage. Simply stated, the more saliva present in your mouth the better.

People who are more prone to having low levels of saliva are more prone to tooth decay. People with allergies tend to have dry mouths when they are congested are breath through their mouths. Some prescription medications can also cause dry mouth.

3. Tooth Morphology

Tooth morphology simply refers to the the differences between the shapes of peoples teeth. Some people have teeth with deeper groves on the surface of their teeth (molars in particular) make them susceptible to tooth decay. This is because it harder to remove the buildup of plaque from these deeper crevices.

Unfortunately the shape of your teeth is something that you are born with and have no control over. You may need to resort to higher degrees of cleaning and dental visits to keep decay at bay in these cases.

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