8 Great Tips to Kickstart Your Dental Health


dental health in houston tx | Royal Dental Great dental health starts at home. And we want to make your routine as easy as possible. All it takes is a three minutes in the morning, five minutes at night, and a few healthy decisions throughout the day.

Be sure to incorporate your whole family into the plan. Your kids can follow your example and form lifelong dental hygiene habits. Avoiding dental issues in the future is the ultimate goal. Plus, your teeth will look and feel fantastic!

Follow these eight tips for healthy, strong, beautiful teeth:

  1. Brush your teeth – Twice each day is highly recommended. For two to three minutes, brush every tooth surface, including the roof of your mouth and tongue. This is the absolute best way to take care of your teeth!
  2. Floss your teeth – Flossing can clean where brushing cannot reach. Plaque can build up and cause cavities between your teeth. That’s why flossing is also incredibly important.
  3. Stock new toothbrushes – A toothbrush only brushes effectively for up to three months. Keep a few new toothbrushes around the house to replace the old ones as soon as you notice that the bristles are too frayed.
  4. Use mouth wash – Swishing some mouth wash is more than just refreshing. The formula in mouth wash kills bacteria that lingers after brushing and flossing. And the minty flavor can be delicious!
  5. Stop smoking – Try not to start in the first place! But if you’ve already become addicted, work on implementing a plan to quit. Smoking can cause superficial damage, such as staining your teeth, or much more serious health issues, such as oral cancer.
  6. Eat healthy food – Chicken, yogurt, cheese, and peanuts are great for your teeth! Keep them stocked in your refrigerator and pantry for easy access.
  7. Avoid sugar – Sugar coats your teeth and causes cavities. Hard candy and soda are the most detrimental, as they tend to linger if you don’t have the chance to brush right away.
  8. Visit your dentist – They’d love to see you and help take care of your teeth =) Twice each year is recommended.

If you need a more personalized dental care plan, give us a call! We have tons of ideas to keep your teeth healthy.

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