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What You Miss When You Miss Dental Appointments

Missing dental appointments is something most people know they shouldn’t do. Most adults can remember being taken to the dentist by a parent or caregiver on a routine basis all throughout childhood. These visits occurred whether they were welcomed or not. Ideally, routine dental care in childhood sets the tone for a lifetime of good […]

Why Braces are Just the First Step to a Great Smile

At Royal Dental, patients benefit from our extensive training in the area of orthodontics. Our offices in the Houston area provide personalized care that seeks to obtain the best possible result while also accommodating patients desires. This is why we offer Invisalign as well as conventional orthodontic treatment, followed by appropriate maintenance. Maintenance, as you […]

Does it Get Any Better Than Invisalign?

Many people express a desire to have a straighter smile. This is nothing new.  Even before we had formal research to confirm that the smile is one of the first things that stands out about our appearance, evidence suggests that humans tried several techniques to enhance their teeth. Why we care so much about having […]

Invisalign: When Will I See My Dream Smile?

Having a straight smile is something that is often related to a sense of confidence. We admire straight smiles, especially when they are also radiantly white. Because we find a straight smile so pleasing, the presence of crooked or crowded teeth in our smile can cause a lot of frustration. In recent years, we have […]

Healthy Smile, Happy Heart

We natural perceive a person’s smile to be a reflection of their happy heart. This is one of those universal truths that is known without the need for explanation. Did you know that there is another connection between your smile and your heart? Research data strongly suggests that the state of our oral health is […]

Careful! Your Toothbrush Could Make You Sick!

During cold and flu season, there are several precautions that people take to stay as healthy as possible. We wash our hands more, and keep hand sanitizer nearby. These are good habits that come highly recommended due to the fact that it is natural for us to touch our face multiple times in a day. […]

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