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October is National Dental Hygiene Month!

This month we’re bringing you simple habits that protect your teeth to promote October as National Dental Hygiene Month! Dental procedures can be fascinating and complicated, but most oral health care comes down to simple daily habits. These simple habits that protect your teeth and your health should be a part of your daily dental […]

Should Your Teen Get a Mega-Watt Smile?

It is no secret that a radiant smile holds a bit of magic. We are drawn into the brightness of a person’s smile, and we love revealing our inner sparkle when we smile. Teeth whitening is a common treatment among adults of all ages for this very reason. But what about your teen? Would we […]

Send Students into Their World with These Health Tips

By this time of year, many families are settling nicely into a new school year. The days of stressful preparation are behind us, and students are now getting into a groove regarding their daily schedule. That means that the average student has her mind on school books, the next test, and maybe even a new […]

Tips for Bridge Care

We are fortunate to have the dental technology we do today; far fewer people are losing teeth as a result of current knowledge and treatment options. At Royal Dental, patients are encouraged to visit us often for preventive care that minimizes the risk of tooth loss. If necessary, though, our team has the extensive training […]

Children Win Big with Early Dental Care

The early childhood years are some of the most developmentally-inclined in a person’s life. Babies learn to sit up. They get their first teeth. They go from breastfeeding to eating solids to walking and talking and changing right in front of our eyes. During this time, a parent has a lot to manage. In the […]

Are you Wondering about your Breath?

Have you ever found yourself face to face with an important client, or with a person you like, and wondered “is my breath ok?” Many of us have had this experience. Many of us have had it more often than we’d like to admit. If you take a look at the checkout of any grocery […]

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