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And the Answer is . . .

We can already hear the tinkling of the Jeopardy music as we test your dental IQ! Is it True? Braces are better than Invisalign. False. And True. The thing is, you don’t know until you consult with your experienced dentist. At Royal Dental, we offer both options. Sometimes, when misalignment is severe, and the bite […]

Here’s Why Invisalign may be Better

The team at Royal Dental loves helping patients fall back in love with their smile. Dentistry has advanced so greatly that we now have several ways to make the necessary improvements. We can help you brighten up your smile, restore full integrity to damaged teeth, and even correct misalignment using the Invisalign system. Our experience […]

Gearing up for Spring Training? Remember to Protect those Teeth!

Spring training is a fun time for parents and kids of all ages. Whether you are the participant, or you are cheering your child on from the sidelines, it is important to know that playing sports comes with certain risks. Of course, you have obtained the appropriate gear to minimize the chance of an injury. […]

Winning the War against Cavities

The war on cavities is one that we start to wage very early in life; in fact, before we know it. Early dental care is one of our priorities at Royal Dental. Working with the parents of young children, we focus on education and demonstration. Children learn as they continue to develop that what they […]

Advantages of the Tooth-colored Filling

If you had lived at the turn of the 20th Century, your dental concerns would have revolved more around keeping your teeth than in keeping your natural smile aesthetic. Today, most people expect to keep their teeth for a lifetime. The idea of tooth loss, once a given, is now an unpleasant surprise. At the […]

Is it Time to Refresh?

With a new year, we often give in to the urge to refresh some things about our life. Maybe you want to eat better or sleep more; take better care of yourself in general. The team at Royal Dental knows how important dental care is to a healthy body and also to optimal confidence in […]

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