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How Your Mouth Relates to Longevity

We all know that we will grow older and that, eventually, we will be “old.” The realities of growing old spur many of us on to take better care of ourselves. Long before our senior years, we may eat better and exercise more. We may take supplements to support the health of our brain, heart, […]

Is That Toothache for Real?

Being in the midst of cold and flu season means that we need to take extra precautions with our health. It is also a good time to talk about how a cold or flu may affect your mouth. The connection between that coughing and sneezing and congestion and the mouth isn’t so much related to […]

Here’s Why Dental Implants are the New Go-To for a Renewed Smile

One of the aspects that we love about dentistry is that the services we provide can add value to a person’s smile. There are two ways that we do our best to achieve this. One is by approaching dentistry with a passion for friendly service. Patient comfort is important because, without that, there is a […]

Your Gums Send Signals: Would You Notice Them?

Gum disease is an interesting problem that affects men and women all around the world. What is so interesting about it is that approximately 80% of humans develop the inflammation and infection caused by oral bacteria, and yet, gum disease is one of the least noticed conditions to occur in the mouth. This goes to […]

An Aging Smile Can Still be Beautiful

If we have learned anything by watching history unfold, it is that humans enjoy the beauty. We like to observe art and nature, and we especially like the idea of maintaining personal beauty for as long as we can. The very process of aging has changed significantly over the years precisely because of this desire […]

About That Crown . . .

Dental crowns. When we need them, we may not be very happy. A crown means that something has happened to cause significant damage to a tooth. This could be a direct hit from a rogue baseball or it could be a direct hit from oral bacteria at the center of the tooth. Whatever the reason […]

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