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Children Win Big with Early Dental Care

The early childhood years are some of the most developmentally-inclined in a person’s life. Babies learn to sit up. They get their first teeth. They go from breastfeeding to eating solids to walking and talking and changing right in front of our eyes. During this time, a parent has a lot to manage. In the […]

Are you Wondering about your Breath?

Have you ever found yourself face to face with an important client, or with a person you like, and wondered “is my breath ok?” Many of us have had this experience. Many of us have had it more often than we’d like to admit. If you take a look at the checkout of any grocery […]

Packing up and Heading out: How to Travel with Invisalign

It’s hard to stay put during the summer months. The coastal breezes beckon us to dip our feet in the water. The mountains make us swoon with soft starlight. Campfires come calling and faraway lands feel fantastically frivolous. Are you getting ready to pack up and head out of town? If you are in the […]

Invisalign: Keeping it Real

Invisalign treatment continues to help teens and adults correct the alignment issues that keep them from fully loving their smile. The team at Royal Dental conducts traditional orthodontic treatment as well as Invisalign, and we can understand the strong desire that many patients have to avoid the common effects that go hand in hand with […]

Hit the Road, but Remember your Smile!

Summertime just so happens to be one of the best times of a year. Soaring temperatures aside, the months of summer tend to naturally incite this desire to unwind, to get away from it all, to reconnect with our family and friends, and with nature. Doing so often means that we travel, sometimes far away […]

When to Worry about Snoring

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are two very different conditions that may share similar traits. Because of this, people who snore obnoxiously loud may not recognize the true risks of their nighttime habits. Obstructive sleep apnea is one type of sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleep disorder. It is a condition that requires the utmost […]

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