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Snacking and Your Smile

We’re at that time of year again when millions of little smiles are headed back into the active learning environment. School books are being handed out, backpacks are being purchased, and snacks are being chosen to fill them. As you prepare the smiles you love for a new school year; it is necessary to consider […]

When a Dental Crown Hurts

Dental crowns are known for their ability to protect teeth from painful injury. Usually, when a dental crown is placed over a tooth, an injury has already occurred. Sometimes, that injury is evident and painful; sometimes it is not. Whether pain occurs before a dental crown or not, it is not a sensation that one […]

Sealed with a Kiss

Kisses from our children may be some of the most special treats we ever receive. Parents want to do what they can to protect those kisses and the healthy mouths behind them. At Royal Dental, we support this objective by providing the friendly services children need to feel more comfortable in the dental office. During […]

In Praise of Progression – Cosmetic Dentistry

Life is all about progression. We’ve advanced in so many ways just in the last century that it’s hard to imagine how far we’ve come over hundreds of years. We may praise the progression of technology in terms of how we can entertain ourselves and work more efficiently than previous generations, but even dentistry has […]

Signs that You are in Dire Need of Sleep

While we live in the era of burning the candle at both ends, more people are doing what they can to take good care of their body. In addition to eating well and exercising, sleep has become more highly regarded for its rejuvenating benefits. For people who chronically snore, sleep may be ever-elusive. The initial […]

How to Know if Teeth Whitening is Right for You

If the teeth you see when you look in the mirror are not an accurate representation of who you are, you may be well aware that you’d like to make a change. It is not uncommon to wish for something a little different. Often, the very thing that is needed is a brighter smile. The […]

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