How To Get A Head Start On Proper Oral Hygiene For Children

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends bringing your child to the dentist before their first birthday. But so many don’t see the value of getting a head start on teaching children the importance of taking great care of their teeth.

Although rare, decayed baby teeth may need to be removed prior to permanent teeth coming in.  To avoid such treatment, it is important to clean your child’s teeth and gums regularly. Clean your baby’s gums by wiping them with a clean, moist cloth. When teeth start to come in, decay can occur. Avoid this by lightly brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they appear.

At Royal Dental, your child’s first dental visit will include checking the teeth for decay and an examination to look for early developmental challenges, an explanation on how to care for your child’s teeth and of course to answer any questions or early concerns you might have.

Assuring early oral care is not just to get the kids comfortable with taking an interest in their teeth, it’s also to prevent cavities.

  • One out of 10 two- year-olds already have one or more cavities
  • By age three, 28% of children have one or more cavities
  • By age five, nearly 50% of children have one or more cavities

For children younger than 3 years old, clean teeth with fluoride toothpaste in an amount no larger than a grain of rice. Do this twice a day or as directed by a dentist or physician. For children 3 to 6 years old, you can increase the amount of toothpaste to a pea-sized amount.  Continue to monitor your child’s teeth brushing, twice a day.

As soon as your child has two teeth that touch, you should begin flossing their teeth daily.

Preventative Dentistry | Houston, TX

Teach children at their level, the importance of regular professional dental visits, and explain to your children that the dentist will help keep their teeth strong and healthy, so they can eat.

How often should I bring my child for a visit to the dentist?

The Royal Dental team recommends bringing your child in a minimum of two times, per year.

“It is very important to get your child to visit a dentist early on in life,” says Dr. Sheryl Stewart, who has more than 25-years of dentistry, and serves pediatric patients at all Royal Dental offices. “This will allow your child to feel more comfortable with regular dental visits as he or she grows older.”

One of the great ways to explain the first dental visit for your child is to tell him or her Royal Dental is going to check their smile and count their teeth. By keeping it simple and by bringing your child in for regular 6-month check-ups, your child will enjoy dental visits and will be able to maintain good oral hygiene for years to come.


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Our Practice Welcomes Patients of all Ages with General and Pediatric Dental Services

Dental Services Houston TXObtaining dental care for the entire family starts with a practice that offers adult care as well as pediatric care. At Royal Dental, our locations offer treatment options for all ages, ensuring everyone in your household can receive quality care in one facility!

What is Pediatric Dental Care?

Pediatric dental services are treatments that are designed just for children, and our professionals provide gentle, compassionate care for these younger patients. We know that visiting the dentist can be an anxious event for little ones, especially for a professional they’ve never met before. We welcome children with open arms and walk them through their treatments so they are not afraid!

Services Provided At Our Practice

We are a full-service dental practice, offering general, cosmetic, and restorative care for everyone. Patients who need a simple cleaning and examination can achieve results in our practice, as well as those who are interested in more complex dental situations such as the placement and restoration of dental implants, orthodontic work, or even full mouth restoration and rehabilitation.

We work with dental laboratories to create some of the highest quality restorations, using materials that are long-lasting and natural-looking. We want our patients to enjoy their treatments with a team of professionals they know and trust with their oral health care and wellness. Whether you are looking for simple dental work or extensive restorative care, we have you covered!

Why Choose Royal Dental?

We have a large number of team members spread across eight practices in the area of Texas, and have decades of combined experience amongst our dentists.Enjoy quality, comprehensive dental care for the entire family under one roof!

At Royal Dental, our professionals are excited to offer patients of all ages the quality services they need to look and feel their best! If you are a child or an adult and are ready to work with a team that ensures general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for all ages.

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Snacking and Your Smile

Pediatric Dentistry Sugar Land TXWe’re at that time of year again when millions of little smiles are headed back into the active learning environment. School books are being handed out, backpacks are being purchased, and snacks are being chosen to fill them. As you prepare the smiles you love for a new school year; it is necessary to consider whether the standard of snacking needs to improve.

Let’s face it, as much as we want to consume healthy foods that nourish the body; many people reach for what’s easy. And what’s easy (and oh, so delectable) usually contains ingredients that could downgrade the health of any person’s teeth. Whether you are inserting snacks into lunchboxes or your own purse or briefcase, we encourage you to do so mindfully, so your smile doesn’t suffer.

That Snack Could Build Plaque

The snacks that we choose for ourselves and those we love could build energy, immunity, and strong bones and teeth. Snacks can also build plaque, a sticky film that weakens enamel through acidic bacterial byproduct. Plaque is the primary factor in the development of cavities and gingivitis. Plaque is the primary reason we are encouraged to brush and floss every day. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce and prevent plaque buildup with good habits.

Acidity in Snacks Can Erode Teeth

Tooth erosion could be described as the widespread softening and wearing down of enamel. It is the same process that occurs when a cavity develops, but more extensive in terms of surface coverage. Some of the most common erosion hazards include sports drinks and soda. Most kids don’t consume energy drinks, but adults should rethink this habit due to the speed at which erosion can occur. When the outer shell of enamel softens and wears away, teeth may become chronically sensitive and may also become discolored as enamel thins and reveals underlying dentin.

Simple Habits Can Save a Smile

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to avoid cavities, just like it doesn’t take much to get them. To protect yourself and those you love, choose healthy snacks that clean and strengthen teeth, such as nuts, crunchy vegetables and fruits, and cheese or other calcium-rich foods.

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Send Students into Their World with These Health Tips

Pediatric Dentistry Houston | Dental Visit Humble | Pearland | Sugar Land TXBy this time of year, many families are settling nicely into a new school year. The days of stressful preparation are behind us, and students are now getting into a groove regarding their daily schedule. That means that the average student has her mind on school books, the next test, and maybe even a new friend. Nowhere in this mix would we expect for there to be thoughts of taking care of teeth.

The subject of oral care is an important one, but students are not tested on these skills. Instead, they are often left on their own to discover – the hard way – that lack of care leads to painful problems. We are interested in helping our patients avoid the pitfalls of dental conditions like cavities and infection. Here, we offer three simple tips for prevention, and they may not be what you expect.

Preventing Cavities & Infection

  • Think of the basics. Every student begins a new school year with an idea of the basic concepts of new studies. The basics are the basis for knowledge and skill, even when it comes to maintaining a healthy, odor-free smile. When it comes to brushing and flossing, students may need a bit of help from parents. This could come in the form of a daily reminder before rushing out the door, or it may need to involve direct oversight for younger students. However the basics need to be reinforced, this is an excellent step for preventing cavities and other concerns.
  • Think beyond the norm. Thinking beyond the norm is necessary for students who play sports, and for students who wear any orthodontic fixtures (even Invisalign). Athletes may need to be fitted with a custom mouth guard for their activities. You may be surprised at how many players leave this crucial piece of gear on the sidelines, putting themselves at risk of dental injuries. Students with braces are at risk of cavities and bad breath. Equipping them with a travel-sized toothbrush to keep in a backpack helps them remove debris and stay fresh and cavity-free.
  • Think ahead. Dental visits are easy to forget, but they are an important aspect of health for students. Now that the school year is starting to run smoothly take the time to schedule your student’s next visit in one of our friendly offices.

Our family-centered practice serves areas in the Houston area, as well as in Sugar Land, Humble, and other cities. Call (713) 330-7700 to schedule a dental visit!

Children Win Big with Early Dental Care

Oral Exam & Cleaning Houston, TX The early childhood years are some of the most developmentally-inclined in a person’s life. Babies learn to sit up. They get their first teeth. They go from breastfeeding to eating solids to walking and talking and changing right in front of our eyes. During this time, a parent has a lot to manage. In the busy-ness of parenting, the significance of dental care could easily get muddled. Here, we want to point out the various ways that children win big by seeing the dentist.

Healthy Teeth Support Speech Development

For us to be able to make certain sounds of speech, it is necessary that teeth be in place. This is particularly relevant to the teeth at the front of the mouth because it is these teeth that the tongue touches to make sounds like “s” and “t.” Baby teeth are integral to the development of clear speech and need proper care from the moment they erupt.

A Healthy Smile is a Confidence-Booster

Children are far less concerned about their appearance than the average adult, thankfully. However, a child learns through early dental care what it means to have a healthy smile. The habits that are learned early in life foster ongoing practice that turns a learning child into a capable adult. Good oral care prevents a child from needing obvious tooth restorations and also from having bad breath. Finally, early orthodontic evaluation and treatment is a proactive step that can support high confidence during the teenage years.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body

Most people realize that the state of the mouth has an effect on general health and wellness. Children who are “prone to cavities” may struggle with systemic immunity due to the heavy stress load presented by poor oral health. The chronic inflammation and presence of bacteria in infected gums have been linked to a long list of medical conditions later in life. Ultimately, an unhealthy smile affects a child (any person, really) on the most basic level. Discomfort such as sensitivity and tooth pain distract from both the pleasures and responsibilities of life.

Royal Dental has multiple offices in which children are treated with friendliness and compassion. Contact us to schedule your family’s care at Royal Dental.

Gearing up for Spring Training? Remember to Protect those Teeth!

oral health houston tx | Royal DentalSpring training is a fun time for parents and kids of all ages. Whether you are the participant, or you are cheering your child on from the sidelines, it is important to know that playing sports comes with certain risks. Of course, you have obtained the appropriate gear to minimize the chance of an injury. But what about tooth enamel? How could playing sports pose a risk of cavities? We’re about to find out.

What does just about every kid ask for during half-time or any other break from a game? Their favorite sports drink, of course! Sports drinks have become popular because they are supposed to supply the athlete with much-needed hydration during times of intense physical activity. The problem is, these beverages deliver much more than the needed electrolytes and carbohydrates. They also have high amounts of sugar, but that’s not the worst of it. It is the high acidity of sports drinks that makes them particularly dangerous to tooth enamel.


Drinking sports drinks to recoup during physical activity could be doubly harmful to your teeth, according to studies. Not only are these drinks made with ingredients that are acidic and sugary, but the mouth is in a more vulnerable state when we are physically active. Saliva slows down, and this means there is less fluid to dilute the sugars and acids in sports drinks (the drink itself doesn’t count, sorry). Without dilution, bacteria in the mouth have fuel in sugars. When bacteria consume sugar residue, these organisms excrete acidic byproduct. This is a vicious cycle that we would be better off avoiding.

Can you Pick and Choose?

Sports drinks are better than soda. This is a common misconception. There is no picking and choosing between these two, nor between energy drinks and soda, or energy drinks and sports drinks. The bottom line is, even if you find one of these beverages in a sugar-free formula, the acid content will still be somewhere around 2.4 to 4.5 regarding pH. The lower on the scale a beverage is, the stronger its acidity. On that note, water has a pH of 7, which is neutral – which is good.

There may be a few ways to reduce risks associated with unhealthy beverages, such as sipping through a straw. However, the best choice is to choose water every time.

Royal Dental offers general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services to help you maintain your smile. Call one of our convenient office locations today.



Start the New Year with Royal Treatment for your Smile

Cosmetics dentistry houston tx | Royal DentalThe holiday season can leave you on an emotional high. It can also leave you feeling a bit depleted, only to find yourself facing those New Year’s resolutions. We’re here to help you make the most of your health and wellness by giving your smile the Royal treatment. Patients of our offices throughout Houston, and in Sugarland and other Texas cities know that we prioritize personal service. We also value options that will help you make the most of your dental care. Here are a few ways that your New Year can start off right.

Restorative Care

A toothache isn’t always a minor nuisance. It may begin that way, but that slight sensitivity when you eat a hot or cold food can grow into pain that doesn’t go away. We perform all levels of restorative care for patients of all ages. When you visit us for prompt care, your treatment plan may include a filling and nothing more. The longer  you wait to see the dentist, though, the greater your chances of needing more extensive care, such as a crown or possibly a root canal. One thing that we want our patients to know is that, no matter how much repair they need, we will make sure they are comfortable. In addition to working with gentleness and clear communication, we offer sedation dentistry services to alleviate the anxiety associated with dental procedures.


One of the greatest gifts one can get is a healthy smile. Royal Dental offers the full range of preventive dentistry to children, teens, and adults in the hopes that we can make a dent in the prevalence of common (and preventable!) dental problems like gum disease and cavities. The sooner a child can start seeing the dentist, the better he or she may feel about these visits. One reason is familiarity. The other reason is because, when routine care starts early in life, there is a greater chance of preventing cavities. That means no shots, which means no fear associated with dental care.


Who doesn’t love to observe a gorgeous smile! We feel especially satisfied when that gorgeous smile is our own. Are you worried that the appearance of your teeth is aging you or having a negative impact on your facial aesthetic? Let’s talk! Royal Dental dentists perform treatments ranging from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and more.

Royal treatment is waiting for you. Contact us for your New Year’s exam, cleaning, or cosmetic consultation.

How to Make a Trip to the Dentist More Enjoyable for Children

pediatric dentistry houston tx |children's dentistry royal dental usaYoung children and doctors and dentists aren’t necessarily matches made in heaven. Children often have an innate fear of people in those clinical situations. But you can do certain things to make your child’s first dental visit not a thing of trauma. And it’s important that you do because sometimes a lifelong fear of the dentist could have been headed off with just a little preparation before those very first few trips.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Talk to your child before going to the dentist.

It’s important that your child knows that he/she is going to the dentist. Tell them why they’re going, what’s going to happen when they’re there, and ensure them that you won’t leave them. If possible, try to have a talk with your child and the dentist together – preferably before the appointment. That way, your child can see the dentist more as a friend than an enemy, and be more amicable to dental visits. Avoid phrases such as “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt,” before the appointment, and “That wasn’t so bad, was it,” afterwards.

Make the appointment comfortable.

At Royal Dental, we’re all about making your kids comfortable coming to our offices. If your child wants to bring a security item with them, that’s fine. Maybe it’s a stuffed toy or a favorite blanket. The gesture might seem simple to some, but can be relieving for a child in an unfamiliar environment. You can also stay with your child during the appointment, if they want you to. Seeing you there can ease a child’s fears.

Books, toys, and other educational guides can help, too.

There are plenty of educational books that cater to a child’s fears of going to the dentist. Reading these books with your child the night before can help prepare the child for the journey ahead of him/her. As for toys, you can find a lot of dentist-themed toys on the market, such as dolls. And finally, some children’s cartoons have special episodes that illustrate the dentist experience. A quick search on Google or YouTube should do the trick.

At Royal Dental, we look forward to having our new smallest patients! And we strive to make it a great experience all around, leading to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Call us at 713-330-7700 if you have any other questions about your child’s first dentist visit.


Do Your Children Need Dental Sealants?

dental sealants houston tx | Children's Dentistry Royal Dental USAAre you looking for a simple way to help your children keep their teeth healthier? Dental sealants are a simple tool used to avoid cavities. Keep reading to learn more.

What are dental sealants?

The molars in the back of the mouth have deep groves that accumulate food and bacteria. It is difficult to remove things from these grooves through normal brushing, flossing, and other oral hygiene habits.

Because food and bacteria easily get stuck in these grooves, the teeth in the back of the mouth can be prone to cavities.

Dental sealants are simple coatings that fill in these grooves and cover the chewing surfaces of the back molars. Because these sealants fill in the grooves, food doesn’t get stuck in the teeth and the risk of cavities is lowered.

What are the benefits of dental sealants?

The main purpose of dental sealants is to prevent cavities. While dental sealants alone won’t keep the teeth healthy, using dental sealants, flossing regularly, brushing teeth after meals, and avoiding sugary beverages can help to prevent cavities and other oral health problems.

The main benefit of dental sealants is that they keep your teeth healthier. Because dental sealants keep the teeth healthier, they can also save you money down the road by preventing expensive dental problems. As an added bonus, dental sealants are easy to place on the teeth and the process is pain free.

Who is a good candidate for dental sealants?

Dental sealants are primarily used to cover children’s teeth. The sealants will be most effective if they are placed shortly after the tooth has erupted. The sooner the sealants are attached, the less likely it is for bacteria to get trapped in the grooves of the molars.

While dental sealants are usually used for children, they can sometimes also be used for older teenagers or adults who want to avoid cavities in the future. They work best if there aren’t existing problems with the teeth. If you’d like to learn more about dental sealants and find out if they are right for your family, schedule an appointment at Royal Dental.

Teaching Your Kids Good Dental Habits

Kid's dental visit.Teaching your kids good dental habits is important, but it can be difficult to motivate children to practice proper oral hygiene. Use the following tips to teach your kids about oral hygiene and keep them motivated and excited about taking care of their teeth.

Make It Fun

Find ways to make dental hygiene fun for your kids. Try one of the following ideas, or come up with ideas of your own:

  • Give your kids a specific amount of cash and take them to the store to pick their own toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss.
  • Play a song or a short, funny video while your kids brush their teeth. Tell them they can’t stop brushing until the song or video is over—this will help them learn to brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes.
  • Describe the motion of a train’s wheels when telling your kid how to move their toothbrush in their mouth.
  • Make up a fun story with your kids with plaque, tartar, and other dental problems as villains. Have your kids draw pictures of themselves as dental superheroes with floss and toothbrushes for tools.

Show Them Why It Matters

Kids like to understand why they are asked to do things. Take them to the dentist and have the dentist explain the importance of good oral hygiene. Then, if they need the message to be reinforced, use a dissolving agent to show your kids the plaque and build up in their own mouths.

Set A Good Example

Setting a good example is one of the best ways to teach your kids. Make sure your kids know that you care about dental hygiene. Let them see you brushing and flossing your teeth—or better yet, brush and floss your teeth with your kids. You’ll set an example for them and be able to monitor their habits and correct problems as needed. Your kids should also know that you go to the dentist. If it isn’t practical to go in for an appointment on the same day as your kids, tell them about your appointment so they know that you value going to the dentist for checkups.


To learn more about helping your kids keep their teeth healthy, visit Royal Dental.


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