What is Causing That Discoloration in your Smile?


teeth whitening houston tx | Royal Dental USAPearly whites, we would all like to have them naturally, but most of us do not. Even the celebrities that we often admire do not boast good looks bestowed only from Mother Nature. In many cases, a brilliantly white smile is the work of an experienced dentist. No matter how you come by your attractive smile, you will experience innumerable benefits. According to research, we inherently respond in a positive manner toward people we subconsciously find attractive; and often, it is the smile that does all the work. Want a more favorable response for yourself – and toward yourself? Consider how you can handle discoloration.

The Cause of Discoloration Matters

With the availability of teeth whitening products, it may seem an easy task to get the dazzling smile you want in no time at all. This is not the case. Commercial products are not only weak in their active ingredients, but they are also not designed for every type of stain. Even the treatment you can get from a dentist is not always the right solution for discoloration. In order to get the right result the first time around, you need to confirm the type of stain you are dealing with.

External Discoloration

Most of the time, teeth become dull and yellow as a result of particle buildup in the pores of enamel. Yes, enamel has pores just like your skin. When you consume coffee, tea, red wine, soda, or fruit juice, if you smoke or use tobacco, or rinse your mouth with certain types of mouthwash, tiny bits of debris will enter enamel and become settled in. The greater the accumulation of particles, the less light can reflect off teeth. When light cannot get through, teeth appear yellow.

Internal Discoloration

Internal stains, also called intrinsic stains, originate deeper in the tooth, beyond the outer layer of enamel. This type of staining may be the result of an injury to a tooth, age, fluorosis (too much fluoride in the developmental stage), or medication such as tetracycline.

Why it Matters

Intrinsic stains, because they do not occur in enamel but in the dentin, will not whiten with bleach. This type of staining can, however, be disguised with porcelain veneers. External stains most often lift very easily with professional teeth whitening.

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