Children Benefit from Early Orthodontic Evaluation


Historically, braces have been something that we expect to see in the smile of a teenager. Thanks to advances in dentistry, treating misalignment is now more appealing to adults and teens. At Royal Dental, patients from the Houston area can consult with an experienced dentist about the best orthodontic treatment for their needs. In addition to the popular Invisalign treatment for older teens and adults, we also offer early orthodontic evaluation for younger patients.

Optimal Timing for Braces
Dental Braces in houston texas at royal dental usaOrthodontic treatment typically begins sometime around the age of twelve. While braces are efficient at optimizing tooth position, there are benefits to addressing potential issues before the jaw has completed its growth cycle. We encourage parents to schedule an orthodontic evaluation for their children around the age of 7. At this time, it is possible to identify spacing issues that may occur in the coming years. This gives us the opportunity to intervene beforehand, securing significant benefit for the young patient.

Early orthodontic intervention is not always necessary. When we do recommend treatment, it is because we see a benefit in guiding the jaw’s development from an early stage. Doing this, we can minimize the chances that oral surgery or tooth extractions will be necessary later on.

Benefits of early orthodontic care include:
• Maximize the space in the mouth for permanent teeth to grow in without crowding
• More harmonious symmetry across facial features
• Decreased risk of protrusion of the front teeth
• Full orthodontic treatment can be completed more quickly

Every Child is Unique
Not all children need early care to have a healthy, straight smile. An orthodontic evaluation considers each child’s jaw and rate of growth, enabling us to determine the proper course of pediatric dental care. Some of the conditions that are assessed during an orthodontic evaluation include the bite, jaw position, and the harmony amongst teeth.

Early intervention of orthodontic problems does not eliminate the need for formal braces later on, because treatment is completed before all permanent teeth have grown in. A short time in braces can ensure that teeth are in line and that the bite is healthy for life.

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