Children Win Big with Early Dental Care


Oral Exam & Cleaning Houston, TX The early childhood years are some of the most developmentally-inclined in a person’s life. Babies learn to sit up. They get their first teeth. They go from breastfeeding to eating solids to walking and talking and changing right in front of our eyes. During this time, a parent has a lot to manage. In the busy-ness of parenting, the significance of dental care could easily get muddled. Here, we want to point out the various ways that children win big by seeing the dentist.

Healthy Teeth Support Speech Development

For us to be able to make certain sounds of speech, it is necessary that teeth be in place. This is particularly relevant to the teeth at the front of the mouth because it is these teeth that the tongue touches to make sounds like “s” and “t.” Baby teeth are integral to the development of clear speech and need proper care from the moment they erupt.

A Healthy Smile is a Confidence-Booster

Children are far less concerned about their appearance than the average adult, thankfully. However, a child learns through early dental care what it means to have a healthy smile. The habits that are learned early in life foster ongoing practice that turns a learning child into a capable adult. Good oral care prevents a child from needing obvious tooth restorations and also from having bad breath. Finally, early orthodontic evaluation and treatment is a proactive step that can support high confidence during the teenage years.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body

Most people realize that the state of the mouth has an effect on general health and wellness. Children who are “prone to cavities” may struggle with systemic immunity due to the heavy stress load presented by poor oral health. The chronic inflammation and presence of bacteria in infected gums have been linked to a long list of medical conditions later in life. Ultimately, an unhealthy smile affects a child (any person, really) on the most basic level. Discomfort such as sensitivity and tooth pain distract from both the pleasures and responsibilities of life.

Royal Dental has multiple offices in which children are treated with friendliness and compassion. Contact us to schedule your family’s care at Royal Dental.

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