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dental porcelain veneers Houston TXDental Veneers in Houston

Dental Veneers (sometimes called Porcelain Veneers) are a thin, semi-transparent tooth shaped “shell” that are custom made of porcelain. Veneers are permanently bonded to your natural teeth which are located in your “smile zone” to enhance their:

  • shape
  • color
  • length
  • size

Veneers are highly resistant to stains and yield lasting results for years to come.

Why should I consider Dental Veneers?

Veneers can fix gaps between teeth and/or improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored, misshaped or misaligned.

Who is an ideal candidate for Veneers?

Patients with excessive tooth damage, especially damage that may impact how they feel when interacting with others, may want to consider a porcelain veneer procedure.

How do Veneers work?

Veneers, which are thin pieces of porcelain dental material, cover-up your tooth imperfections and mask any visible damage. Your Royal Dental Dentist will carefully evaluate your teeth’s individual needs and discuss your dental goals before developing a treatment plan that works for you. Your dentist may recommend a full set of veneers be applied to your top and bottom teeth, or may recommend veneers be targeted to one specific area.

What to expect during treatment

If veneers are determined to be the best treatment for your teeth, the following procedure will apply:

  1. The teeth are cleaned and any old surface restorations are removed.
  2. An impression is taken of the prepped tooth and sent to a lab where a veneer is fabricated.
  3. The veneer is applied with bonding resin and curing light.
  4. After the veneer is set, it is shaped and polished to look like a natural tooth.

Veneers are custom products made just for you. Since veneers are custom made to each patient this process may take several weeks.

Dental Veneers houston tx | Royal DentalHow are Porcelain Veneers are placed on my teeth?

In order to apply your custom made veneers, an extremely thin layer of enamel will have to be removed from your teeth.  Then each veneer will be carefully applied to the surface of your tooth. Your veneers will have the same look and feel as natural teeth but will greatly improve the appearance of your natural teeth.

What are some benefits of Porcelain Veneers?

Natural Looking

Veneers provide a very natural-looking, but improved appearance to your teeth. Additionally, veneers are very easily tolerated by your gum tissues.


Veneers are resistant to many stains, and can be made as white as the patient desires for optimal results.  If a patient is not receiving a veneer for each tooth, it may be advisable to undergo professional teeth whitening prior to the application of veneers to guarantee the most natural looking results.


Finally, unlike other restorative dental procedures, veneers are also very durable and resist biting pressure easily.

Are there any risks associated with Porcelain Veneers?

Just like many restorative dental procedures, the application of porcelain veneers does require the removal of some healthy tooth structure. However, porcelain veneers are a much more conservative approach than other major repair options for damaged teeth. It’s also important to note that porcelain veneers are not permanent and may have to be replaced over time.

How long do Veneers last?

With proper care, most porcelain veneers will last between 10-15 years.

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