I Have Dark Spots on My Teeth. What Can I Do?


dark spots teeth royal dental houston texasMaintaining a bright smile can do wonders for your self-confidence. As time goes by and your teeth become worn, they might appear less than sparkling white. You may even notice the appearance of brown or yellow spots on the surface of your teeth. Should you at any point become unsatisfied with the way your teeth look, you have options to revitalize your smile.

To ensure that your teeth remain spotless for as long as possible following your repair efforts, it’s important to realize why your teeth may have developed spots in the first place.

Cavities or enamel dematerialization – Tooth decay can occur anywhere on a tooth, including the outer surface of your teeth.

Superficial stains – Drinking coffee, tea, and/or wine on a regular basis can leave lasting marks on your teeth. Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco can also leave similar stains.

Old fillings or crowns – Restorative dental materials can become weaker over time. Consequently, they’re more susceptible to discoloration.

In the occurrence that you experience some degree of tooth decay, scheduling an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible for composite fillings is the best course of action.

Otherwise, teeth whitening products or services can resolve most, if not all, of your teeth discoloration issues. In general, you have three options to whiten your teeth.

Drug store teeth whitening products – Commercial pastes and trays have limited benefits. While they may be less expensive, solution seeping from ill-fitted trays can cause gum irritation and results can be short-lived.

Professional teeth whitening services – Royal Dental office teeth whitening can provide lasting results in as little as one visit. Depending on the severity of discoloration, this is most often the most effective option.

Professional strength take-home kits – As opposed to over-the-counter products, Royal Dental take-home kits include custom fitted trays with a hydrogen peroxide gel-like solution. Trays can be worn from one hour to overnight as recommended by your dentist. This option also provides exceptional results.

To best maintain results, be sure to remain diligent with your dental hygiene home care.

If you have any questions about which option will best to resolve your specific condition, feel free to contact Royal Dental for an appointment. We’d be thrilled to help you achieve your brightest smile yet!

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