Dental Bonding


dental bonding at royal dental usa in houston txWhen it comes to our cosmetic services at Royal Dental, dental bonding is one of our simplest, most affordable procedures. Bonding uses a composite resin that can be shaped and polished to exactly match the color of the surrounding teeth. The resin is bonded onto the tooth being addressed, hence the name.

Bonding can solve a variety of cosmetic issues with the teeth: It can be used to make the teeth appear longer than they actually are; it can close slight spaces between teeth; and it can improve the look of discolored or chipped teeth.

Bonding and the application of porcelain veneers can have similar goals, such as covering a chipped or discolored tooth. Veneers require multiple office visits because the tooth or teeth in question need to be measured and then a portion shaved off the front to make room for the veneer. Then a lab needs to create the veneers. When completed, the patient returns to have the veneers applied. In contrast, bonding can be done in one visit. And because nothing needs to be fabricated at a lab, bonding is a less expensive option.

How is bonding done?

After deciding what area is to be addressed, tooth-colored resin is matched to the exact color of the surrounding teeth. Once satisfied with the color, the dentist then applies the resin to the tooth and reshapes it as needed to correct the problem (i.e. lengthening a short tooth or widening a narrow tooth). To set the resin, a laser or ultraviolet light is used.

How long will dental bonding last?

With proper oral hygiene, which in this case is the same as the hygiene you provide to your natural teeth, dental bonds can last up to 15 years.

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