Why Don’t My Dentures Fit Right Anymore?


If you’ve had your dentures for more than 3-5 years it’s possible that your dentures no longer fit correctly.

The bone of the mouth holds and supports the teeth, but did you also know that the teeth of our mouth help to support the bone? When the teeth are removed the bone looses the support once provided by the teeth and bones can atrophy and change shape over the years, leading to poorly fitting dentures. Diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and other illnesses can also cause changes to the shape of your mouth, so be sure to discuss any medical conditions with your dentist.

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Signs That Your Dentures Don’t Fit Right:

People often try to compensate for ill-fitting dentures by using more adhesive, but this is not only a poor solution but it can also lead to damage to your mouth and gums. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, then you may have dentures that no longer fit properly.

  1. Your Mouth Hurts
  2. Your Dentures Fall Out Often
  3. You Have Sores Along Your Dental Arch
  4. You Have Swelling in Your Gums
  5. You Have Thrush (an oral yeast infection)

Options For Poorly Fitting Dentures

If you notice any of these issue you should visit with your dentist to have them assess your current dentures. You may need to have new dentures crafted. Other options that you might consider are dental implants, which do not require any adhesive. Dental implants also have the benefit a long term solution that feel and function more like natural teeth.

If you are experiencing issues with your dentures, please feel free to contact Royal Dental for an appointment. We’d be honored to help you achieve a comfortable smile that you are proud of.

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