What Are Dentures?

A full arch denture is a removable tooth replacement option for those who need all their teeth replaced. They can be crafted to provide the characteristics (tooth shape and color) the patient desires.

Types of Dentures

There are two types of dentures available to most patients – complete or partial dentures. Complete dentures are necessary when all teeth are missing. Partials are recommended when some natural teeth remain.

Dentures Process

Complete dentures can be made one of two ways. They may be manufactured in the conventional manner which will require that your teeth be removed first. Conventional dentures are then fitted and custom made for you. Conventional complete dentures will not be placed in the mouth for about eight weeks after your teeth have been removed and your gums have healed.

Complete dentures can also be fitted immediately when they are manufactured prior to the removal of your teeth. Due to the natural healing process of your gums and jaw, immediately fitted dentures may require greater adjustment than conventionally manufactured dentures that are applied after the healing process is complete.

Dentures Results

Most patients that receive new dentures report that eating is different and takes a little practice. When your new dentures are placed in your mouth there may be discomfort for a few weeks. In order to best acclimate to your new dentures, Royal Dental recommends beginning with softer foods and foods cut into small pieces. Chewing slowly and being sure to use both sides of your mouth will also make eating more comfortable in the beginning.

As you get used to the feel of your new dentures eating will feel more natural and you will be able to return to a normal diet. You will always be advised to be careful consuming foods that may be extra hot or have sharp edges or hard bones or shells. Also, avoid foods that are extraordinarily sticky or hard, and do not use toothpicks.

Dentures Alternatives

Dental implants, also offered by Royal Dental, may be used in some patients to support permanently cemented bridges and thereby eliminate the need for complete dentures. The cost of several dental implants is often greater than dentures, but do yield more natural-looking results. Not everyone is a candidate for implants so be sure to discuss all of your options with your Royal Dental dentist.

Can Royal Dental Make Existing Dentures More Comfortable?

Advances have been made in the materials used for dentures and in the way they are designed. If you already have dentures (partial or full arch) you may be experiencing a loose fit or denture slipping. This can lead to gum sores, can affect your chewing and your speech, and decrease your confidence when speaking and/or laughing with others.

Royal Dental can help restore your dentures to the correct fit.

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