Your Family Dentist may know more than you Think!


dental care tipsYou expect your family dentist to have the full extent of training to prevent and treat common dental problems. We do. You can also expect a dentist to know how to address cosmetic concerns, or problems related to your bite. We do. When you visit Royal Dental for a routine exam and cleaning, you may expect your dentist to notice conditions like a small cavity. You probably don’t expect us to notice some of the finer details of your daily living. We can!

There are several “secrets” that your mouth may reveal about you. Here are some of the common details that can be discovered during a routine exam:

  • You drink a lot of soda. For that matter, your mouth will also tell us if you (or your child) consumes sports drinks on a regular basis. You might think that this is because these beverages can cause cavities, but that’s not it. Soda and sports drinks contain more high-fructose corn syrup than sugar. They also contain ingredients that are acidic. These ingredients sit on teeth all around the mouth, wearing down enamel and causing widespread erosion.
  • You’re not a flosser. Flossing is not something to reserve for the morning of your dental exam, nor for the night before. If you do this, chances are we will know. This is because a few flossing sessions is not typically sufficient for preventing inflammation and redness. Regardless of your pre-visit flossing, these symptoms will still be evident if you have gingivitis.
  • You’re feeling stressed. Stress has a number of different effects on the body. In the mouth, stress may present itself through excessive wear on certain teeth that stems from grinding or clenching the jaw. This habit (bruxism) often goes on when you sleep, so you may not be aware of the damage being done in your mouth. Nail-biting is another way in which stress can be “worked out.” This habit wears down the front teeth due to continual grinding, leaving them flat and vulnerable to chips.

Royal Dental offers families throughout Houston and surrounding areas the full spectrum of services they need to look and feel their best. Schedule your visit with us to protect your smile.

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