Gear up for School with Tips for Oral Health


oral health in houston tx | Royal Dental When our children are quite young, we are mindful about just about every aspect of care they need. We feed at certain times, put them to bed when they need a nap, feed them healthy foods, and we take care of their growing teeth by brushing them. As babies grown into toddlers, and then into school aged children, they are progressively given more responsibilities. One place that you may be surprised to learn your child still needs help is in the area of oral care.

Cleaning Children’s Teeth

Did you know your child will need help brushing and flossing well beyond the time she starts going to school? Most children simply do not have the motor skills, nor the understanding and discipline, to care for their teeth without the assistance of a parent until about the age of 10. This does not mean that you have to insist on doing the job for your child. What it means is that they are best served if you continue to follow up on their brushing every single day. Check out their teeth, and encourage them to brush with proper technique by demonstrating this for them.

Sugar, the Dreaded Destroyer of Teeth

As you mentally prepare menus and school lunches for your children, you may be thinking of ways to cut sugar from their daily meals. Instead of sugary drinks, you may fill their lunch boxes with real juice, or with a sports drink that is low in sugar. While sugar consumption should be limited, it isn’t sugar, necessarily, that causes cavities. It is acid. Guess what has loads and loads of acid? Sports drinks and fruit juice. You may not have to completely cut out these items, but you should teach your child to rinse out her mouth after meals. This way, sugar and acid residue from food and drinks is diluted.

Additional Help

You and your child do not have to “go at it alone” when it comes to managing oral health once school has started. There are treatments, such as dental sealants and fluoride varnish, that can mitigate the factors that lead to cavities. Dental sealants, for instance, block debris from collecting in the deep pits that are present on the chewing surface of back teeth.

Gearing up for school means getting ready for busy schedules and much more. We can help you protect your children’s teeth. Schedule checkups and cleanings at Royal Dental today.

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