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Preventive Dentistry Houston, TXWe natural perceive a person’s smile to be a reflection of their happy heart. This is one of those universal truths that is known without the need for explanation. Did you know that there is another connection between your smile and your heart? Research data strongly suggests that the state of our oral health is directly related to how healthy our heart may be. Because so many of us are expressing a desire to live a long and vital life, paying attention to such data is beneficial.

Heart Health Explored

Researchers have spent decades exploring how the heart works and what happens to increase the risk of cardiac events and disease. Studies have confirmed that stress management one important aspect of protecting health and wellness. Diets low in salt and saturated fat, and regular exercise have also been noted as beneficial in several studies. Only recently has research connected the dots regarding the correlation between oral disease and cardiac risks.

Recent studies have identified bacteria as a risk for cardiovascular disease. Bacteria may combine with fatty deposits and other debris in the arteries of the heart, making this organ work harder to pump blood from one place to another. The discovery of bacteria in the heart was one thing; what stands out to us as dentists are the fact that the bacterium or specific type of bacteria, present in the diseased heart was the exact type that exists in the mouth. The conclusion of this finding has been that an excess of bacteria in the mouth, such as occurs with gum disease, is a direct risk for cardiovascular disease by instigating:

  • This condition occurs when the lining of the heart becomes inflamed due to the presence of bacteria.
  • Arterial sclerosis. When debris collects in the arteries of the heart, these vessels narrow and clog. This means that blood has a difficult time getting through as necessary for optimal health and wellness.
  • Cardiovascular events. The narrowing of the arteries is a direct risk for heart attack or stroke because there is a chance that debris from arterial plaque can break loose and travel into the heart or to the brain.

The team at Royal Dental is proud to offer the kind of personal dental care that can help our patients maximize health and wellness and protect their heart from preventable disease. Call an office near you to schedule your exam and cleaning with our friendly staff.

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