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Cosmetic Dentistry Houston, TXLife is all about progression. We’ve advanced in so many ways just in the last century that it’s hard to imagine how far we’ve come over hundreds of years. We may praise the progression of technology in terms of how we can entertain ourselves and work more efficiently than previous generations, but even dentistry has progressed in some very impressive ways.

The Spotless Smile

Who doesn’t love the idea of having a spotless smile? Up until recent decades, this was quite the wish. In fact, it wasn’t until the 19th century when metal dental fillings became the norm. It wasn’t as though there wasn’t such a thing as tooth decay before that time, nor that humankind didn’t try to address this problem as soundly as possible. Human remains dating back thousands of years indicates that there were techniques to “drill out” decay, at the very least. In some instances, evidence reveals the use of substances like beeswax to fill cavities. We’ve certainly come a long way.

Patients of Royal Dental in the Houston area and in Sugar Land, Humble, and other vicinities can maintain a spotless smile through our use of a tooth-colored composite dental material. The absence of metal makes these restorations both aesthetically pleasing and kinder to tooth structure.

The Fully Restored Smile

Tooth loss has been a problem since the beginning of humankind. We have learned from ancient physical evidence that there were civilizations in which tooth replacement was attempted. At first, shells were inserted into empty spaces (ouch!). Then, many centuries later, dentures became the norm for full restoration. Today, we have the skills and technology that take us beyond tooth replacement and squarely into reconstruction.

The new standard in treating tooth loss is to reinstate the foundation first, then rebuild on that. This is accomplished by placing surgical-grade titanium posts into the jawbone and allowing the bone to grow around them. This integration into bone stabilizes posts to recreate a root system. Once implants are securely held by bone, lifelike restorations such as crowns or dentures can be affixed.

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It is interesting to look back and see how spot-on early civilizations were in their approach to dental repairs. Still, we are incredibly happy to be where we are today. To schedule a consultation with one of our modern dental offices, call (713) 330-7700.

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