How to Know if Teeth Whitening is Right for You


Teeth Whitening  Sugar Land TX<If the teeth you see when you look in the mirror are not an accurate representation of who you are, you may be well aware that you’d like to make a change. It is not uncommon to wish for something a little different. Often, the very thing that is needed is a brighter smile. The popularity of professional teeth whitening is a perfect example of the widespread demand for attractive teeth.

We love helping patients of our offices in the Houston, Sugar Land, and Humble offices fall in love with their smiles. Professional teeth whitening is one of our most frequently performed cosmetic treatments, and we can see why. After a single in-office procedure or a course of home whitening, the smile has a whole new vibe.

If you’re ready to raise the bar on your smile with professional teeth whitening, we’d love to meet with you. Together, we discover if teeth whitening treatment is suitable by looking at a few pertinent questions:

Will Teeth Whitening Work?

Because teeth whitening treatments are performed across the country just about every day, it is presumable that this process works. Of course, it does, but not in every situation. The way that teeth whitening works is by penetrating the superficial layer of enamel with an appropriate bleaching agent. In most cases, that is carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. The tiny particles of debris that have settled in enamel are disrupted by the mild bleach, leading to a brighter shade of white.

This process works on most superficial stains, stains that are deposits of food and drink. If teeth are naturally dark because enamel is thin, or have deep internal stains, teeth whitening may not be successful.

Is a Brighter Smile the End-Goal?

Cosmetic dentistry is all about the end-goal, which is a more attractive smile. Before whitening teeth, patients are encouraged to ask what their ultimate end-goal is. If it is to have whiter teeth, then they are on the right track. If there are other concerns in addition to discoloration, there is reason to consider whether an alternative cosmetic procedure, such as porcelain veneers, may be more appropriate.

What About Maintenance?

Compared to other treatments, the results of professional teeth whitening are relatively easy to maintain. Interestingly, research suggests that many people who get their teeth whitened actually do more to take care of their teeth than they did before treatment. While brushing, flossing, and routine dental cleanings can polish enamel to inhibit discoloration, there may come a time when teeth whitening needs to be repeated.

Get the radiant smile that perfectly represents your personality. Call Royal Dental to schedule your consultation and treatment.

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