Living Life with Braces


Now that you have taken on the smart way to achieve straighter, more beautiful teeth which are braces, you have to get used to having it in your mouth from now on. Having braces is not as easy as it sounds. There would be a dental contraption attached to your teeth to make them move, which is something totally new for you.

Don’t worry! We will give you tips on how you can still enjoy life with your braces around.

Chewing matters

One thing that you would instantly be worried about is how it would feel to eat with braces. Sooner or later, you can already eat like you used to, but during the first few days, you may want to stick with soft foods to avoid discomfort and to protect your orthodontic appliance. Also avoid foods that are chewy, crunchy, or sticky, like bagels, chips, or gum. You are welcome to take this chance to drop a few pounds as well.

Soreness is normal

Once you have braces, the mouth and teeth may feel generally sore and sensitive to biting pressures. A quick solution to this is to rinse your mouth with warm saline mouthwash, or water with salt. If the discomfort is severe, you can resort to prescribed pain medications to alleviate it.

Brushing and flossing are vital

Of course, you will be more obliged to brush and floss your teeth regularly if you have braces. This routine keeps teeth and gums healthy. When you have braces, food particles could easily get stuck on the wires and bacteria could soon accumulate there.

Orthodontics in Houston

Improve the appearance and function of your teeth with our braces! Our dentists at Royal Dental will also provide you with other available options to address your needs. Call us today at (713) 330-7700 to book an appointment with us.

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