Oral Cancer Screening


Oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when it’s caught early. Royal Dental now offers ViziLite Plus for early detection and oral cancer screening. ViziLite Plus uses technology that has been proven successful in identifying other types of precancerous and cancerous abnormalities. It’s particularly important for patients at increased risk for oral cancer.

What Is ViziLite Plus and How Does It Test for Oral Cancer?

ViziLite Plus is a non-invasive technology that improves your dentist’s ability to see oral cancer lesions early on. We recommend ViziLite as a preventative measure for all patients that may be at an increased risk for oral cancer.

Unfortunately, most oral cancer is not visible, even to the dental professional, until it has reached an advanced stage. VisiLite oral cancer screening is performed in your dentist’s office. First, you will be asked to rinse with the ViziLite solution. Next, the lighting in the dental exam room will be dimmed. Then, your dentist will examine your mouth using a special light. As ViziLite Plus passes over oral tissue that has been treated with the rinse solution, normal healthy tissue will absorb the light and appear dark, and abnormal tissue will appear white. The purpose of using ViziLite Plus is to identify tissue changes at their earliest stage.

Am I a Good Candidate for ViziLite Oral Cancer Screening?

Royal Dental recommends that patients have a complete soft tissue visual examination every year. ViziLite Plus is recommended for patients with an increased risk for oral cancer. Your dentist may recommend a ViziLite Plus oral cancer screening depending on your individual risk factors. Risk factors for oral cancer include: tobacco use within 10 years, alcohol consumption of at least one drink per day, immune deficiencies such as HIV & AIDS, Human Papilloma Virus. When early-stage oral cancer is found, treatment is simpler, less invasive and more than 90% successful. ViziLite Plus helps identify oral lesions sooner.

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