Benefits of Orthodontics in Houston and Surrounding Areas

When considering orthodontics in Houston and surrounding areas, many patients assume they are limited to traditional braces. However, at Royal Dental, there are many options available to treat patients that would like to straighten their teeth and correct their smile. Schedule a consultation with the orthodontists at Royal Dental today to learn what treatment is best for you. Over a period of time, teeth will shift if constant, gentle pressure is applied. Brackets are bonded to the front surface of each tooth and wires are attached to the brackets with elastic bands. The slight tension on the wire is gently transferred to the bracket through the elastic band. Today’s orthodontic treatment is faster, more comfortable, and more fashionable than ever for children, teens, and adults.

Types of Orthodontics Offered

Our orthodontists at Royal Dental offer many different orthodontic treatments to improve your smile and straighten your teeth. Orthodontic treatments offered at Royal Dental include:

  • Braces: One of the most common orthodontic devices, are bonded brackets, arch wires, and elastic bands that gradually move crowded or spaced teeth into the proper position for improved appearance and function.
  • Clear Braces: Translucent “clear” braces and tooth-colored ceramic brackets are available at Royal Dental and provide a very pleasing aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces.
  • Invisalign®: A non-metal approach to straighten your teeth and help you achieve a more beautiful, healthy smile. These almost invisible aligners are removable, allowing you to brush and floss during treatment.
  • Lingual Arch: A lower lingual arch is a space maintainer installed to assist the lower teeth. A lingual arch maintains molars where they are without moving them. It keeps the molars from migrating forward and prevents them from blocking off space of teeth that will develop later. Lingual arches are commonly used to address the early loss of baby teeth or when lower teeth are slightly crowded.
  • Palate Expander: This appliance is placed in the roof of the mouth to widen the upper dental arch, which allows the arch to be painlessly separated and spread. A treatment used for younger patients, many times a palatal expander can be used to create a proper alignment of the arches, so permanent teeth have room to erupt in a natural position. Often, the use of an arch expander early may eliminate the need for braces later.

Five Tips to Choose the Best Orthodontist

At times an irregular teeth orientation can make you uncomfortably conscious about your smile.

It doesn’t just steal away your confidence but summons dental issues like food buildup and plaque.

Faulty bite further attracts speech problems, abnormal teeth wear, and jaw joint ache, etc.

What’s worse is that it is impossible to hide your teeth every time you smile. But, what’s attainable is “perfectly-aligned teeth.”

All you need is the right orthodontist, and he will help you achieve that perfect smile.

So, here is how you shortlist the best orthodontist:

1. Scrutinize the Technology and Techniques Used by the Practitioner

While you invest for the best results, you must inquire about the technology the practitioner employs.

Here are some crucial considerations:

• Is the orthodontist leveraging technologies like digital impressions, 3D x-rays, etc., for his clients?

• Do you have the option to opt between Invisalign, self-ligating braces, ceramic braces, etc.?

• You might have to remove wisdom teeth before the application of braces. Does the office offer support for auxiliary dental procedures?

2. Compare Pricing and Insurance Cover

An orthodontic therapy requires a considerable about of budget. And your insurance cover might just share a small part of the cost.

And so, it is prudent to weigh your options based on the cost estimations.

A majority of orthodontists in Houston will be ethically transparent about their pricing.

But, you also need to assess points like:

• Is your prospective orthodontist offering in-house financing?

• Does the practitioner considers your insurance plan or directly bill the insurance?

• In some specialty procedures, you can claim insurance only if you have a referral from your orthodontist. So, will he be willing to provide the required referral?

3. Expertise and Reputation as an Orthodontist

Shortlisting the best orthodontist from a long list of practitioners can be daunting. And while you cannot take a risk with this long-term therapy, you must bet on expertise.

• Check the qualifications and experience of your prospective orthodontists in Houston.

• Skim their website and GMB listing to evaluate their reputation through client reviews.

• Welcome recommendations from local contacts and friends.

• Ask for client referrals from the practitioner himself.

4. Mind the Consultation Cost

While comparing orthodontists, you can’t circumnavigate the consultation process. It helps you assess if the shortlisted practitioner is worth your investment and time.

While many orthodontists offer free consultation, some may charge an exorbitant fee.

And here is where you need to be mindful of choosing free or low-cost consultations. You cannot pay a hefty consultation fee while you are still assessing your options.

5. Bring Convenience into the Picture

Nevertheless, orthodontics is a long-term procedure. It requires regular appointments.

Your orthodontist might summon you for appointments every few weeks. That said, choose a practice that is in your convenient proximity.

It can be either close to your office or home to make it to the appointments easily.

Moreover, the office must have a congenial and accommodating environment. Ensure that the equipment is sterilized correctly, and you don’t have to wait for unreasonably long hours.