Recess? It’s not Always a Good thing!


gum disease in houston tx |Royal Dental When we were children, recess was something we looked forward to. It provided us with a short break from the business of school. In the world of dental health, recess can mean something completely different; it is not something we want to see, in the gums that is.

The Problem with Gum Recession

Gum recession often goes hand-in-hand with gingivitis or more advanced forms of gum disease. However, recessed gums may be the earliest indicator that enables us to prevent chronic infection. Other reasons to avoid gum recession include:

Tooth sensitivity. Beneath gum tissue at the center of your teeth is a network of vessels and nerves. Recessed gums do not adequately protect these sensitive structures. As a result, when you try to enjoy an ice cold glass of tea or a warm cup of cocoa, you may experience unpleasant discomfort.

Root exposure. Directly beneath the gums is where the roots of teeth lie. These are the first surfaces to become exposed if gums recede. As a result of gum recession, the roots of teeth become highly susceptible to the development of cavities. This is because there is no protective layer of enamel to cover them. The development of cavities on a tooth root could result in the need for endodontic therapy, aka root canal therapy.

Managing Gum Health
The bad news is that recessed gums can cause both cosmetic and physical problems. The good news is that it is relatively easy to keep your gums and tiptop shape.

In the same way that brushing and flossing can help you avoid painful cavities, these activities can also minimize the risk of gum recession and gum disease. Often, gums recede as a result of inflammation caused by oral bacteria. The better your brushing technique, the less impact bacteria will have on oral tissues. Be mindful however to avoid becoming overzealous! Forceful brushing can scratch the surface of gingival tissue, causing erosion and weakness and, yes, recession.

The team at Royal dental is here to help you avoid gum recession and the problems it causes. We have several offices throughout the Houston area to serve your dental needs.

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