Smoking Negatively Affects your Smile and Oral Health


dental care in houston tx at royal dentistry usa Due to consistent warnings by governmental agencies, most people are aware of the ill effects that tobacco use has on the body. Smoking and other tobacco habits are categorized as prevalent, preventable causes of disease and death. cDiscoloration is a major problem for individuals who use tobacco in any form.

  • Halitosis, or bad breath, may become a chronic issue from smoking. The term “smokers breath” refers to the unique odor that stems from the accumulation of nicotine and tar in the mouth.
  • Tooth decay is more prevalent among smokers because more plaque naturally develops in the unhealthy oral environment. The plaque biofilm contains bacteria that weakens enamel, causing cavities.
  • Individuals who use tobacco are at a significantly higher risk for gum disease. Tobacco and the accompanying chemicals rob oral tissues of oxygen and leave them weak. Infected gums pull away from tooth structure and, eventually, from underlying bone. The presence of gum disease also creates a bigger problem with bad breath.
  • Tooth loss is associated with advanced gum disease.
  • Oral cancer, like lung cancer, is a significant concern for the person who uses tobacco products. Statistics demonstrate the 90% of oral cancer diagnoses are attributed to smoking.

There’s More . . .

Not only is smoking an underlying factor in the development of unhealthy oral conditions, but research also shows that the frequency of use is an important indicator of risks. In a study published in the Journal of Periodontology, it was reported that people who smoked more than 1 1/2 packs a day were six times more likely to develop gum disease. Smoking less than 1/2 a pack each day still accumulated to a three times higher risk for this progressive condition.

Getting the Help you Need

At Royal Dental, we are committed to supporting you in lifelong oral health. We understand that nicotine is incredibly addictive, and that smoking is a difficult habit to stop. As you find solutions such as patches or nicotine gum to help you curb your habit, we will assist in the prevention of disease by providing excellent care for your teeth and gums. Oral cancer screenings are also an important aspect of dental care for the smoker.

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