Snacking and Your Smile


Pediatric Dentistry Sugar Land TXWe’re at that time of year again when millions of little smiles are headed back into the active learning environment. School books are being handed out, backpacks are being purchased, and snacks are being chosen to fill them. As you prepare the smiles you love for a new school year; it is necessary to consider whether the standard of snacking needs to improve.

Let’s face it, as much as we want to consume healthy foods that nourish the body; many people reach for what’s easy. And what’s easy (and oh, so delectable) usually contains ingredients that could downgrade the health of any person’s teeth. Whether you are inserting snacks into lunchboxes or your own purse or briefcase, we encourage you to do so mindfully, so your smile doesn’t suffer.

That Snack Could Build Plaque

The snacks that we choose for ourselves and those we love could build energy, immunity, and strong bones and teeth. Snacks can also build plaque, a sticky film that weakens enamel through acidic bacterial byproduct. Plaque is the primary factor in the development of cavities and gingivitis. Plaque is the primary reason we are encouraged to brush and floss every day. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce and prevent plaque buildup with good habits.

Acidity in Snacks Can Erode Teeth

Tooth erosion could be described as the widespread softening and wearing down of enamel. It is the same process that occurs when a cavity develops, but more extensive in terms of surface coverage. Some of the most common erosion hazards include sports drinks and soda. Most kids don’t consume energy drinks, but adults should rethink this habit due to the speed at which erosion can occur. When the outer shell of enamel softens and wears away, teeth may become chronically sensitive and may also become discolored as enamel thins and reveals underlying dentin.

Simple Habits Can Save a Smile

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to avoid cavities, just like it doesn’t take much to get them. To protect yourself and those you love, choose healthy snacks that clean and strengthen teeth, such as nuts, crunchy vegetables and fruits, and cheese or other calcium-rich foods.

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