The Truth About Root Canal – Revealed!


There are a lot of patients who take their oral health for granted. Even if we are already experiencing a lot of pain from tooth decay, some of us always find a reason not to seek dental treatment. One reason is the number of myths that we believe are true when it comes to certain oral treatments such as a root canal. Here, we unveil what’s real and what’s not.

Myth: Root canal treatment can cause so much pain.

The truth about this statement is that the treatment itself does not cause pain. It is the condition that causes pain – and root canal treatment relieves it. Many people have considered the procedure painful which is why more and more people believe it. However, certain dental advancements have made it possible for any discomfort caused by root canal treatment to be reduced.

Myth: You can get ill after a root canal.

This is a false claim that started years ago from poorly-designed researches. The truth is that there is no actual evidence as of this writing that root canal treatment causes diseases. A root canal even eliminates bacteria from the infected part of the tooth and saves the natural tooth in the process.

Myth: Extraction is a good alternative to root canal.

What’s better than having the chance to save your natural teeth? An extraction does just the exact opposite. With root canal, you don’t have to deal with missing teeth.

If you are interested in a root canal and would like to learn more about the procedure, call us today at (713) 330-7700 to book an appointment with our dental experts!


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