Should I Have My Wisdom Removed?


To remove or not —  that is the question! One of the most common questions we get from patients here at our Houston oral surgery practice is whether or not they should have their wisdom teeth removed. By and large, your wisdom teeth are no different than the rest of your teeth but they are called as such because they are the last to erupt, that is during early adulthood (between the ages of 17 to 25) when you are supposedly wiser.

When Not to Extract

All things considered, there is no need for you to have your wisdom teeth extracted if it’s painless, functional,  and currently free from cavities or any other disease. However, like any other health problems as people age,  the wisdom tooth has greater risk for having problems later on in life. Thus, the need for your wisdom teeth to undergo check-ups, periodic professional cleanings, and regular X-ray imaging.

When to Extract

A wisdom tooth should be removed if it becomes impacted, that is if it fails to erupt because there is not enough room along the gum line  It has been estimated that 90 percent of the general population has at least one case of impacted wisdom teeth.

The following signs suggest that your wisdom tooth may be impacted and may necessarily be removed:

  • presence of gum disease in the surrounding area
  • presence of cysts or tumors
  • presence of infection such as pus, swelling and pain

Are you still confused whether or not you should have your wisdom tooth removed? Worry no more! Get in touch with us by calling (713) 330-7700 or by filling out this contact form to schedule an appointment. The Royal Dental team in Houston, Texas has been helping Houstonians smile straight, bright and healthy since 1992!


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